Trying to Network Before Affiliate Summit West 08

By Ian Fernando

I am trying to network with some people before Affiliate Summit West 2008! I have been visiting the networking section of Affiliate Summit West website, trying to talk to a couple people before the summit begins. The only problem I have is there is really no interaction. I send notes, no response - I think I must have put up an ugly picture of myself.

Well again I will be there a day early, I may be attending a Saturday dinner and might bump into Paul from Uber Affiliate and Andrew Wee. This is good I get to talk to great affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. I also asked about the pricing of the dinner, 85$ DAMN - for an affiliate marketer that is really nothing I guess. I will be there early Saturday and I already have some plans with some past friends I have not see in like 10 years!

So anyways, back to trying to network. So I log in and I see no one with pictures. I try to leave messages with no replies, I am not sure if the community is alive or no one really pays attention to that part of affiliate summit website. But I want to go ahead and meet up with people a day early or a day later, since I will be going on my own. ...sighs...

Another reason I want to network is because I want to go party - Las Vegas style. The only party I have heard of is the Under the Stars Party hosted by ShareASale. ShareASale will be hosting a cocktail party Sunday night February 24th in Las Vegas, in celebration of the Affiliate Summit. The party will be held in the 2-story Sky Villas on the top floors of the Palms Hotel "Fantasy Tower" and will include food, drink, prizes, maybe a piano, and definitely a pool.

I know John Chow will be there and I will be there to shake his hand and take food pictures with him and my Nikon! John said this was a private invite and indeed it was, I was just recently invited and I will be there to celebrate under the stars! I saw some of the invites on who are going and I can not wait to meet them all and push Mr. Chow in the pool! ...shhh... Maybe I will get a real interview with Mr. John Chow himself!

Also I have decided to cancel my business cards that i have printed out and I will be making a website on my "brand" and have a better logo and business cards to hand out. I want to look more prepared than I am, but being more prepared can be a bad thing as well.

In preparation I also will be meeting with someone who is designing my shirts that I will hand out! I mean Zac Johnson will be there, the super affiliate!

This is how my shirt will look like, what do you think? I hope to have it digital stitched and not screen printed. I think I will only make about 24 shirts. I already know who I want to give some to and of course Mark from the blog war room. He has done a great job keeping up with the news and status of Affiliate Summit West thus far.

I am really eager and can not wait to go. I am prepping up and trying to network very early so I can meet and spend time maybe to talk about ideas and marketing and entrepreneurship. Again I am a learner and I like to listen to a lot of ideas and take in ideas. So if anyone will be there a day early let me know, I will be glad to meet you there!

Here is a small video of what I am trying to do and network prior to Affiliate Summit West!


What are you doing for affiliate summit west? What makes you different from everyone else? What are your plans when you get there? Are you curious to meet other people?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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