Trying to Unleash the Fat Man Within

Today I received a cool t shirt and I decided to go a ehad and post about it because I wanted to show my physique – lol. So Israel owed me a t-shirt when we met at Affiliate Summit West. I met him at the Share a Sale Party and he promised me a t-shirt. I tried to tag within him the next day then the next day, but never caught up with him, so he mailed me one. THANKS! NICE!

Israel blogs on FatManUnleashed about being healthy. He also has a very niche specific social bookmarking system called HealthRanker. Israel and I also had a great discussion on how you should be passionate about your niche and life overall. I talk with Israel online and we discuss ideas and exchange help topics.

I read Israel’s blog on exercise mostly. Even though his blog is geared to getting healthy most of his tips are helpful and has a comical twist to it. I have mentioned Israel’s blog several times (even before ASW) within my blog especially if I digress off topic and talk about my exercise or gym experiences.

By the way here is me unleashing the fat man within:

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