Underground Online Seminar... Wrap Up

By Ian Fernando

UPDATED: Due to some confusion and information being said, I had to edit parts of this post

The past 2 days I have attended the Underground Online Seminar which is held by Yanik Silver. This is one of my first REAL internet marketing seminars/conferences. I have always attended conferences that delt with traffic and digital media. The reason is because it has to do with what I currently do now.

For example I love Affiliate Summit because it brings networks, advertisers, merchants, affiliates, and traffic sources all together. With the internet marketing space they tell you to make a website and use social media etc.

But at Underground Online Seminar, I learned a lot about JVing, creating business deals, using unknown sites that produces results, and talking to some big 'gurus' in the internet marketing space. I met a lot of big people that owns info products and ecourses.

Yanik stage was really cool, seemed like it was for a movie. Speakers came out of a phone booth as if they were a super hero. Pretty neat theme he had going on there. A lot of people that I talked too were Real Estate info product guys as well as the Make Money Online crowd (MMO).

I did however get to hangout with Shoemoney, I was actually excited to see him because I needed a break from these info marketers. So me and Shoe just shoot the shit at the bar Friday night. Shoemoney and I actually hung out most of the time while at Underground Seminar because I sometimes couldn't take some of the people I was talking to.

Interesting part is some people recognized me at this marketing seminar. They were affiliates, bloggers, or just readers. I at least met some affiliates in the CPA space that were worth while talking to.

Most were interested in traffic. When I talk everyone listened because it is weird how these 'big' guys don't understand where to get traffic. Since most users use their network to help one another, being dependent on each other.

They assume a site and then get someone with a list. I explained that a JV list is so limited while traffic is versatile. I understand a list, has a bigger chance to do repeat marketing but your site is dependent on a fixed set of users. I myself is starting to grow my list bigger and bigger, but I wouldn't knock out all the traffic sources out there.

For example I explained to a 'guru' what if someone wanted to start a pet info product, who are they going to contact that has a list. I doubt there are info marketers out there that has a HUGE list of pet owners they have built over time. Plus, the down side if you do find 1 or 2 - that is it!

Again there are ups and downs.... my own personal list I have converts pretty well, that is because they trust my brand. That is when a list is powerful. Finding others to JV and promote can be tough especially out of the MMO niche.

The best part about this seminar is the networking, I think people come for the networking because a lot of these people are willing to help you out and give out advice. I exchanged my ideas on traffic and how to advertise, while I got advice on business models and how to JV properly.

This goes perfectly with my Internet Marketers vs Affiliate Marketers post. These guys are more about the business relationships than traffic so they don't know where to advertise. It is definitely a different world. I am going to start expanding and diversifying my online portfolio... another post...

Now that I have a face to face relationship with some big guys, I definitely need to start utilizing my network portfolio. It literally is begging me to use it and expand my online business. I see other affiliates expanding and growing, so I need to do the same.

I also want to thank Keyword Spy, Mike Evans for getting me access to the Underground Seminar and introducing me to the big people he knows.

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Ian Fernando
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