Understand How to Finally Use Facebook

By Ian Fernando

With the growth of Facebook advertising, there are still some people still struggling with it. I really do not understand, it is a very easy platform to advertise and earn money from. The big problem I find with many people that email me and ask me questions is they lack a lot of creative thinking.

For example the targeting is always broad and never targeted. Interests are always generic and their audience isn't streamlined to their niche. What a lot of users are doing on facebook ads is what 99% what every other facebook advertiser is doing. With everyone thinking genericly, there is a huge competition and too much saturation.

The point to Facebook advertising is being creative and thinking as if you were the user. How creative is your ad, how can you implement a great headline, what image to use, etc. Some of these things is critical to ask yourself.

So I decided to create an ecourse called Infinite FB.

While I was in California I started to write up the content for Facebook from what I know, 2 years of knowledge stored in my cranium. You can even see old case studies on this blog from when I first started with Facebook.

Anyways, Infinite FB is all about providing the foundation of generating and creating a profitable Facebook ad. It isn't an ebook that will get you to $1000 dollars a day with a push of a button. It will take work. Once the work is completed you can get up to $1000 a day with the productivity you put in it.

Now I created this as a systematic ecourse. This is meant to help you understand soak the information and not let you get "info overloaded" with the content. So over the next 30 days, Infinite FB will build your foundation with audio, text, powerpoint, and videos.

With having a strong foundation in anything is important, so with Infinite FB I made that my objective of the ecourse. The reason is because of the "too much info and no work". Meaning, a lot of people buy info products but put no actual work into what they bought, but take no action. Which is why most people fail to start off.

The second reason is a lot of people give up because they lose money. Once they lost money whether it is 20$ or 200$, they stop and give up without really thinking how else to better their ad. What to test, why did my ad fail, why didn't it convert, was it the offer, maybe my design of my website?

There is a lot of people that are afraid of money and are afraid to take that next step risk, which is to lose more money. So Infinite FB will build a strong foundation, giving you an understanding of what Facebook is about and what to expect. I go in details and point out harsh realities of Facebook advertising.

I am not going to try to give you the holy grail of Facebook advertising because there isn't any. It is all about understanding how to think and how to attack a situation, thinking differently than anyone else.

Grab Infinite FB if you want to start understanding how to utilize Facebook Ads in 30 days!

Get a Case Study Report...

What if you already know what you are some what doing on Facebook but can't scale or know what to do next?

I have this great case study for you. It has snapshots of landing page, ad copy, image used, etc. It goes in depth and gives you numbers about the study that was done.

The case study if you haven't already figured out is about Split testing ad copy, lp design, and ad variations.

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Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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