Upgraded! Who Benefits More?

By Ian Fernando

The lack of post by me is my mistake and I apologize, I recently just moved and now I want to continue my blogging and my experiences with ll of you. It is funny how life can relate to marketing and the things you read online. While moving and relaxing in between I have been reading a lot of blog with redesigns or sites that were recently just redesigned.

With the upgrades we do and the decision we make to change, alter, upgrade; we need to think about the ones that will be affected most. For example this blog has been through many facelifts and redesigns, but I did it for the uniqueness of the blogging world and also to benefit my readers. I feel the traditional blog style is too cumbersome and pretty repetitive among the internet, I like being different.

Also, there are changes that you make that will just benefit your readers instead of just yourself. I found Mark from 45n5.com has recently change his style of his blog. He has made his blog strictly for his users, removing all the ads. It is a phase and decision he has decided. A lot of web designers and webmasters go through this process a lot, I know I do. I use to be a web designer and I get bored of my layouts pretty fast. I find the excitement in designing the web layouts and structure, I like to think and use my imagination. Now, I just outsource it and concentrate on the marketing which I can use my imagination as well.

A lot of bloggers want to make money and find design to be an issue and troublesome as well. There are many reason to upgrade and re think your ways of promotion, design, or even change in your personality. My mindset has changed a lot and so have my personality. I look at money differently and I look at life totally differently. Prior to marketing and making money online I was just like everyone else, looking at a job to help pay for my future, depend on the man for an income, let the government help pay for my future, etc. I think differently and I have a lot more respect for this type of industry.

This bring me back to my post of friends and marketing friends. A lot of my friends work hard and they want to do what I do, just there is no drive to back their feelings. I had a rough life and I took it different than the rest of my friends. I also currently help my friends out and definitely ball out all the time.

A change in many things need to be thought of, a lot of people just change because they just want to without thinking of the consequences. For web masters and web designers its hard, should it benefit the webmaster and their company or the user experience?

There are many things in life that are free but it benefits both the user and company. I recently interviewed Steven of Tracking202 to discuss the concept of the free yet powerful tracking system. It helps the user to have a very powerful PPC analytics system and helps create the brand to many users on the internet fast! Very good execution by them.

Overall, when doing change think who is being affected, you and the reader, reader, or just you? Should you really benefit both parties or concentrate more on you or the reader? Upgrade is critical but think of others as well, don't get greedy!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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