Use That Holiday Money to Start Your First Campaign

By Ian Fernando

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It is almost 2009 and I am trying to think what to do on New Years and what to do with some of my Christmas money. I spent some of it at the malls buying some new gear then I thought of this post.

If you are a new person trying to get into affiliate marketing especially in the ppc space, you may want to put your holiday money into a bank and use it to start your first ppc campaign. It is 2009 and you should start a goal. If you wanted to jump into some type of make money online, then I suggests to save some of your holiday money and then invest in a campaign, creatives, traffic, etc. There are a lot of people that want to start making money online but are scared to lose money.

Well, since now you have at least $100 from your holiday celebration, save it and invest it. You were $100 less and now you have some money to invest. Use It! To start in affiliate marketing specifically you do not need to spend money BUT if you want quick results you will need to spend some money.

When it comes to PPC Marketing, a lot of entrepreneurs are scared to lose money and risk their money. But then are you really considered an entrepreneur? I get emails everyday asking me to coach then into affiliate marketing or other forms of online marketing. I always respond with a no, just because of time restraint. But since you have time and dedication go a head and start a campaign and just do it!

You really can not think about losing money, think about it as a learning experience because you will lose bigger money when you are actually making money but gain a bigger ROI as well. There are just too many people that hold back because of risk. Risk is all about learning without risk you really do not learn anything. With risk also comes experience, you know what to do and what not to do next time.

My last IANteract Meetup202, there are a lot of users that have not even started their first affiliate campaign but have all the tools and have read all the blogs, ebooks, and tutorials out there. They really do not work because it is someone's experience, it is only there as guidance. I personally feel that you need to fail at something to make it better and to get a good understanding of how things work, it gets your brain thinking differently.

Hold onto that holiday money and invest in a campaign, you now have no excuse on why you can not start your own campaign. You can easily make that $100 back, just work with your affiliate manager and read around forums. BUT if you have read all the ebooks and tutorials out there you should have an idea on how to start.

So stop the talking and complaining and stop being selfish; use that holiday money to start making more money. It is a big step to reaching your goal and a giant leap to actually getting some experience under your belt. Without taking any risk you are simply just watching everyone else, and thinking you know what everyone is talking about. You really do not, since it is experience that gives you the benefit over conversation. How can you talk about diet offers when  you 'think' you know the demographics and have not promoted a diet offer prior?

Use that holiday money towards a new campaign to earn bigger dollars so you can buy out the mall and not buy a single piece of clothing from the mall.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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