Using Polls to Gather and Convert Traffic??

By Ian Fernando

So I started to play around with Polls, my good friend AdHustler introduced it to me a while back and I never found it interesting or see the reason why it would work - it is deception really. Then another blogger mentioned it to me, Jeremiah Cooper. He has been using it and says he is making a good amount of money from just polls. He also introduced me to a neat and easy product to use call Poll Control. I bought it and started a case study on Polls and offers.

So first I figured people vote and get taken to an offer, I figured it would be simple 1 field submit offers. I doubt after voting and making their vote to count they wouldn't want to fill out an insurance quote. It is a quick system to get quick conversion but how big is the ROI and how effective is it? Well I decided to do a case study on it and see how effective it really is.

First thing I did was blasted selected networks to provide me with a list of their 1 field submits in the United Stated and on 1st page convert. Market Leverage and NeverBlueAds responded and I started to rotate offers between these networks. The reason why I didn't chose one network is because of payout and type of offers. I wanted to be very general and not assume anything with this case study.

Below is the screen shot of what my traffic looked like and the earnings that I received. This is about 4 days of stats.

So I received 477 CTR from the poll to the offer. From the screen shot above, I am using Prosper202. I also kinda messed up with the settings, as you can see forgot to add in the CPC. Ehh, I learned my mistake and created a new poll with using the right settings and stuff.

But you will see all the offers I got from the networks (2 offers are blackedn out because they were not part of the poll case study). So I decided to just take a bunch of 1 field submit offers and rotate them among the poll and see what converts and what doesn't. Even though not a lot converted I can take the data given and concentrate on the offers that did convert. Soon I will be filtering through the offers that I have chosen and just rotate the offers among each other, the ones that converted.

So these stats tell me a couple things:

  1. Majority of the offers that converted were email submits
  2. Conversion average is about the 5% mark
  3. Free Money or Gift Cards didn't converted (IMO - I thought it would do much better, more generic)
  4. Baby stuff converted better and rewards - guess everyone gets pregnant around this time of year.

That is just a quick glance of the stats. What do you see? But with so many clicks on the LP and click through to the offer, I thought it would convert better. My poll was very generic too and it is getting a good amount of traffic. It is a simple "Who Will Be the Next President?" It has both their pictures and their names, when they 'vote' an overlay popups saying in order for their vote to count they must complete the offer.

It seems people do not just enter their information, it has to interest them. So the traffic isn't bad traffic, because I assume the end user is interested in the offer and completes it. The reason why more specific 1 field submits did better than the generic ones, email submits and not zip submit. So users were willing to provide their email address because they were interested in the offer and not just submitting their zip code.

So now I will filter the offers out and only put in the ones that converted , have it more concentrated on the offers that converted, still rotating but filtered. I will leave it up the poll until the election is over, which is another week or so which should give me good data to test again. Hmmmm might have to write an updated version for the poll study.

Do you use polls to gather and convert traffic in affilaite marketing?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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