Using Private Label Rights the RIGHT way for Blogging!

By Ian Fernando

Someone emailed me about my content asking it was duplicated among multiple sites. He asked if it was my content and or if I have taken it off another website without crediting. When I did some research it seemed it was snippets of PLR content that I have within some of my post. In response to this I explained to him about Private Label Rights and how I use it with my blog. Here is a lengthy - detailed version of what I wrote back to him.

Private Label Rights are a powerful tool or asset to use, especially when blogging. There are times where I go blank and do not know what to write. When this happens I open up my PLR folder and see what I can write about. The only difference is I use PLR in a different way than others.

A lot of authors will just post the PLR article with minor or no adjustments. This isn't good because its not unique and it is probably all over the internet. If it is all over the internet, then you site will not be indexed right and not be ranked properly within SERP.

Let us get an introduction to what PLR (Private Label Rights) are and how they are beneficial.

PLR are articles, software, ebooks etc that you can say is your own, even though you did not make it or is the original author of the product. You can even make any changes that you want, put your own name on it, sell it for profit or sell basic or master resell rights to the product. It is basically yours to do with as you please but you didn't have to spend hours creating it.

The benefits of it are you do not have to do anything except edit and call it your own. The problem is users are just copying and pasting the PLR products, especially articles onto their blog or site. I find that this downgrades your brand and your blog, showing that there is no interest in creating a more unique article or post.

Here is a small list of what you can do with PLRs:

  • it can be edited
  • Add your name as the author
  • Break the content down or extract content
  • use it on your site or blog
  • sold to your readers
  • you can add resale rights to it (master, royalty, etc)

I use PLR articles sometimes it is rare that I will use it, but at times of word loss or no ideas I turn to the powerful PLR articles that I have. When I started my new blog I wrote a post about content creation and use PLRs. PLRs helped me when I started my second blog, I have content on there which people wanted to read. But, I did not use the FULL PLR; instead I use parts of it and put my own thinking to it.

Private Label Right Articles are only beneficial if you add your own thought and thinking process to it. Do not use the WHOLE PLR and post it because it is just a repeat of what thousands of other sites are doing out there. It's not unique and Google SERPs hate it.

How to Use PLR Articles for Blogging

While there are some people out there that use PLRs for creating reports and ebooks, I tend to use PLRs for blogging. I only use PLR articles when I do not have anything to write. Below is what I tend to do when I do not have anything or can't think of what to write, I turn to my PLRs.

If you are blogging, use only a couple sentences or a max of 2 paragraphs and work around it. To get me to start writing, I will read the whole article and then either use the introduction paragraph so I can run with the topic or use some of the middle paragraphs and add to my own writing to it. I will not use the whole article and post it to the public, its a guarantee that you will find that whole article on another website or even several thousand website. You do not want to be part of that.

Why do this? Well because you do not want someone else's style ruining your blog. You also do not want to just be done posting within 2 minutes, add you own unique style to it, maybe even add more to the PLR.

You can be a NEW blogger and you decide to use a PLR article and just post it, then you started to write your own. The PLR article might have been written with expertise while your writing style is just mediocre. It ruins your blog, since readers may think you are a writing expert when in reality you are not. (this is just an example)

But, you need to learn how to use PLRs and take advantage of them. I take advantage of them by simple working around it as I have stated. I write in my own words around the topic with maybe a direct source from the body or introduction. No one can blame me that I have used their content because it's my content, its a PLR!

Working around the PLR topic benefits you since you are creating a unique writing style around a topic you may not know but inputting your own thoughts of what maybe right or wrong. Writing around a PLR can even get you ranked higher within the SERPs, since its content search engines have seen but is altered.

I believe when writing you need to just have your own style. Your own style describes you as it's your personality, your attitude, your views. You blog because you want to share your views about a specific topic or specific article you have read etc. With PLR articles, you can have a good topic with your own views.

Taking parts of sentences and turning it into a paragraph or taking paragraphs and creating whole articles! Private Label Rights is very powerful when you can take advantage of it and use it properly. Just posting the PLR in your blog just degrade it in my opinion. If you have nothing to write about grab some private label articles and extract some content and write around that topic.

By the way this post has no PLR content in it. 🙂

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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