Using Tracking202 to Track Your Products

By Ian Fernando

When you think of Tracking202 what comes to mind? Tracking affiliate conversions? PPC Analytics for affiliate marketing? Well the main thought when thinking about this great system is affiliate marketing. Well I can tell you that I track a lot of things besides affiliate marketing with Prosper202. The brand of Tracking202 and Prosper202 has been branded as an affiliate marketing tool. Why is that? It is a PPC Analytic system, which tells you your conversions vs your spending via paid search. The system can be used for non-ppc traffic as well but today I will talk about how I use it to track my digital products. Quick video about it, then step by step tutorial.


First when you have a product you just want to add it as a network. So you can name it whatever you want. MyProducts, Digital Products, or even the name of the product you are selling. You do not have to add a 'network' persay. It is just another way to categorized your products from other networks.

Once that has been done there are some quick tips to add in your products and even make sure T202 adds the unique subid to your URL. Below is how to update your product so it can capture the subid tracking202 provides. As you can see below all you have to do is:

  1. Chose your 'network'
  2. Campaign Name can be the Product name you are selling
  3. Affiliate URL is just the domain with an extension of /? <- IMPORTANT
  4. Payout is the price of the product, 37, 97, or what ever price you are charging
  5. No need for cloaking, its your product

Adding /? to the end of your domain is important because it lets your sales page load and not provide a 404 error. You can add /?subid= if you want as well, the full URL should look like this:

This way T202 can append the unique subid and it can be traceable via T202 or the self hosted Prosper202. This is important because if you remove the ? your sites loads with an error, having that ? prevents that.

Next, is the best part about the updated T202 service. The postback URL or image pixel, which most affilaite networks use. Now we get to use a pixel as well. The pixel allows us to track and watch every conversion that is happening with every product purchase. When a person gets to the download section or whatever the final destination page is after payment, the image pixel shoul dbe place on that LAST page.

Once it is on that page it loads and fires back to Tracking202 and updates your stats, easy. Below is a screen shot of how to grab your unique image pixel to place on your final destination page. Simply just:

  1. Chose your 'affiliate network'
  2. Campaign, which is your product
  3. Generate Tracking Link
  4. Copy Image Pixel and place on final destination page
  5. Done

This is by far the best way to track your own products. Well this is the best way to track for paid search, when promoting my own products. You can use this method to track your conversions of product creations and how you promote it. It makes life far easier and more simple.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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