UStream: A Means to the Real World

By Ian Fernando

Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and play around with UStream.Tv. I know a lot of people using it and yesterday Jim Kukral inspired me to have one and to start broadcasting. Jim Kukral has a weekly UStream channel, where he goes live for about an hour and critiques and helps aspiring entrepreneurs make money online.

I usually watched his mini show every weds, non logged in. But yesterday I was just chillin in front of my PC and decided I haven't talked to Jim in a while. I just participated and had a mini chat. Its nice that Jim is engaging with his viewers. From then on Jim showed me that it is important to get yourself out there and just do it. I been wanting to use ustream, but haven't got the chance to just because I am busy with stuff. So I figured, why not ustream me working. I did and amazingly people joined. I was actually surprise at how many people came to watch.


I decided to make a channel on my blog with the full and bigger UStream video and chat. I have customized it so users can tweet about the show without having to leave the blog page. Basically I made it more user friendly than the actual channel, plus it's on my site means more exposure.

So what do I think of UStream? Well I definitely think it is powerful. Yesterday, I watched a bunch of UStream live clips, Joel Comm, Nick Throlson, CashTactics, Jim Kukral, etc. I also watch a lot of ustream live from other bloggers and marketers. I figured hell I'll do one, if people want to watch me they will. Plus, if I am bored I can interact with them.

So what does UStream do for me? UStream can definitely increase my visibility and my brand, plus it puts a face to  blog and what I do online. So it can be a plus for me, even if it just me listening to music, talking mis-half in the chat or getting dick rolled by and nickycakes. Other than that it was entertaining and again I was surprise to see a lot of people watching me on UStream. Thanks All!

So the first setup was definitely challenging, I was looking at Yahoo Answers to help solve something basic with UStream stuff. I added my own channel here on my blog, so this way users stay on my blog.

Now I finally understand and have the basic setup with my ustream channel on my blog, I just have to stream. I was thinking of doing a daily stream of when I wake up up to lunch time. So that is about 3 hours of stream. This way users can see what i do in the morning and just ask random questions, when I am not busy I will answer them.

I got a lot of good feedback from users on facebook and on twitter. Defintiely enjoyed it and look forward to doing like a webinar or live show for my readers and twitter followers.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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