[VIDEO] What is PPV Traffic?

By Ian Fernando

PPV Traffic is the big talk now a days. I have noticed several more emails asking how to get into it and ask what it is all about. PPV traffic or CPV traffic is all contextual popups or pop unders. Do you know those annoying popups that occur on your screen when a Netflix ad? Yea those popups.

These traffic sources are very cheap because of the users that are use to popups and that they avoid them. But for users who actually look at them they convert with a high conversion. Imagine spending just .01 on impressions and then getting paid a $42 per lead? Now that is a HUGE return.

Here is an old video I had for What is PPV Traffic. I was going to post this for something else but never got to it, so why not just use this video for this blog.

Watch the video...


Don't mind me dressing up, I was gon to use this video for some project I was going to do but never got to it. This video is about 6 month old too. But it is still relevant since PPV is surprisingly catching up in popularity. So enjoy.

Ian Fernando
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