Wake Up and Start Listening to these Entrepreneur Podcasts Right Away

By Ian Fernando

I have a routine every day to go to the gym. While I am at the gym I prep my day by getting on the treadmill to warm up and then I start to warm up my mind with a podcast. Podcasts help motivate me, set my mood for the day, and just stay informed with the ever-changing life of the internet.

I have decided to share what is currently on my podcast list and why I think they are good to listen to. Before I list them I do have a range from internet marketing to eBay/Amazon to self-improvements. In any case, these are the podcast that completes my thought process.

Here they are in no particular order.

The Tim Ferris Show - This man's podcast is unique as he is always trying to find a shortcut to everything. He wants to make sure he can have the most results in the shortest amount of time. This ranges from work to mental issues to stay in the gym for just 15 minutes. Not only does Tim discusses topics on his own but lately he has had several guests speak and talk about investing, sports, chess, etc. Listen Here

My First Million - I really like this podcast a lot because most of the time it is just talking about ideas and execution. Shaan Purl and the Hustle will even take a business that is already awkward and breakdown how they have executed and why it was great execution. The podcast is a normal conversation style and sometimes it is just one person talking. I enjoy it because it discusses ideas. Listen Here

Affiliate Business Conversations - This is a podcast I host weekly and I try to get into the topic discussion about online marketing and the industry as a whole. We get guests on to discuss the conflicts, offers, traffic strategies and just to shoot the shit about our ever-changing industry. It is very related to what I do as an online marketer. Recently started, so make sure to check us out. Listen Here

The Daily Stoic - Short 2-5 minute excerpt of wisdom. There is a 2000 year philosophy of how to live life daily. A 'passage' is spoken and then explained. These personal ethics are lost in todays' world. It is super helpful to be reminded to be a good human being. It is a great quick reset to understand what to focus on and what to move towards. These are super simple quick listens, a great way to just start your day with a quick positive vibe. Listen Here

Real AF by Andy Frisella - A super motivating real podcast to get your blood pumping and mind opened. If you like the Joe Rogan Show, then this is more up your alley as it has guests talking about business. A lot of the conversations are about what is currently happening with society, trending issues, and hot topics others wouldn't discuss. Andy had a Youtube show called MFCEO, not sure if it turned into a podcast but this is more about society and life. Listen Here

Serious Seller by Helium 10 - First, Helium 10 is software and they do a hell of a job at content marketing. If you are into Amazon FBA then this is a super talented podcast to listen to. It breaks down a lot of the strategies on Amazon FBA and how to get started. Some episodes have guests and most are just talk and chatter about Amazon. This is the only podcast on Amazon that really goes deep into the strategy. Listen Here

There you have it. I do listen and am subscribed to more podcast but these are the ones I tend to look forward to listening at hte gym or early morning. It is the only time I listen to a podcast as it sets the tone for my day.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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