Warning: Joel Comm Copied Jonathan Leger and Alok Jain

By Ian Fernando

I just got an email from Joel Comm about his new membership site called Script Dojo. When I was reading the email it reminded me of Jonathan Leger and Alok Jain product, Viral Profit Machine.

'Copycatting' is always all over the internet; someone copies another successor because they think they can duplicate what they are doing. Is that really true, even though you have not done any work? Well, Joel has done his homework in duplicating a similar affiliate system that is being used on this blog right now as well.

Here is a snippet from Joel's email:

get their own Personalized ScriptDojo Review site..

...and earn 100% of the Clickbank and $7.00 Script sales they generate.

As an Affiliate, you will send traffic which will be cookied to your information for one year, and your ID's are also encoded in our Newsletters and product launches.

This is very similar to Viral Profit Machine. But is Joel using Viral Profit Machine to make this work? I do not think so, because he is coming out with a product called "Great Little Script." Which I assume does the same thing as VPM.

Another popular marketer that uses VPM is Ewen Chia. He uses this great system to create a flow of traffic to his website.

But going back to the topic, Joel Comm is implementing the same aspects of VPM to his Script Dojo website. Giving users 100% commission off ClickBank products and $7 Dollar products. There is a small twist though, since this is a membership site you are paying a monthly charge of $9.95 per month. This is not bad if you are making money from the Script Dojo website.

All you do is create an account and you will be given a unique Affiliate Redirect link.

This redirects all your Referred traffic to our ScriptDojo Script Blog and Sets a 1 Year Cookie using your Clickbank ID and Paypal Address.

If your visitors purchase any Clickbank or $7 Script from our site… YOU Get The COMMISSION!

What if you are not? Receiving the proper traffic? How are you going to earn? Affiliate marketing is all about having a crowd, having that big traffic. So if you do not have a list to direct the traffic to how are you going to earn full commission? You are just paying your monthly subscription.

Back to the main comparison between Joel's little script vs VPM. This blog is running on VPM's affiliate system. I set 1 year cookies on the reader's pc as well and it is a 50% commission. The difference with Joels script and VPM is it only provides clickBank and 7$ scripts, while Jonathan and Alok has ClickBank, $7 Dollar Offers, PayDotCom, and email subscriptions. Viral Profit Machine has 4 ways to earn while Joels Script Dojo has only 2 ways.

I use Viral Profit Machine on this blog - since VPM can be used as an affiliate system. This is just a small mid day rant. I have nothing against Joel Comm since some of his videos are on my blog. I was just thinking to myself hmm this system is similar to my blog affiliate system.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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