Watching Oprah to Boost Your Online Income!

By Ian Fernando

Market research is important, and there are a lot of tools and websites out there that provide you with the necessary things to find what is hot in todays world. Researching your market thoroughly will help you boost your sales and help you find more more targeted or up and coming niches.

Recently Oprah had a show about a new anti aging solution called Resveratrol. She had a conversation with Dr. Oz about this revolutionary new pill. Prior to this Oprah spoke about Acai and how it helps loose weight, as you know the whole affiliate industry jumped on it and is now promoting Acai so much that the FTC got involved with such promotions.

Now on March 24th she spoke about Resveratrol which is suppose to stop or slow down aging and yu can live up to 120 years of age. Now She and Dr. Oz had a conversation about this product and we as affiliate know how important a clebrity figure is important to our LPs or even the credibility of such products.

Resveratrol Oprah Show

Since she has spoke about this product affiliate networks are now gathering offers for this specific product and I have already found networks that have this, especially Hydra Network I believe was the first to have it.

Since Oprah has a lot of credibility anything that is mentioned on her show automatically gets boost in sales to the advertiser and of course to any sites that may be doing promotions. Since she has spoken about it and says it will slow down your aging, agreeing with Dr. Oz as well our industry just attacks this because of the credibility Oprah has.

Watching her show can definitely boost your income literally right away because of her brand and simply just mentioning a product on her show. The problem is catching it before everyone else does and making sure a network has that specific offer. Her show is a great example of doing a quick market research, she is giving you the products to promote. If she says it will work then all those consumers will believe her and find the product to test and try it themselves, you just have to be the first.

Here is a snippet of what Dr. Oz and Oprah were talking about Resveratrol:

Already on youtube there is a bunch of videos that have the Oprah Dr. Oz clip and are putting in their domain in them to start promoting the product. There are also a bunch of review style websites now out there about Resveratrol, it is just 4 days after and it is getting attacked pretty heavily. This tells you marketers are using Oprah to their advantage.

They are using her show as a leverage for market research, it boost and helps them sell easier than self promoting it themselves. Consumers who are researching about Resveratrol will definitely test and try because of what Dr. Oz and Oprah are saying. These 2 figures have a big play in our market research they help us find the next big thing, until we get in trouble by the FTC....

But watching and gaining other sources of information especially from credible people online or off, tv or youtube kings can give you a boost in your sales. There is little work to be done and all you have to really do is ride the wave.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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