Webinar: Automated Marketing, Just UBot It!

By Ian Fernando

The next couple days right before Christmas, I am going to post up all the webinars did last week. Now everyone seems to be doing these webinars and I wanted to get hands on experience on them and I decided to bang out like 5 in just a couple of days.

So today I have the UBot webinar I did with Lord Brar. What is UBot? Well it basically automates your marketing efforst by doing all your repeated tasks. Lets say you want to do a bunch of seo work, and seo stuff can be time consuming - UBot it!

UBot will do all the repeated tasks that you do not like doing and is repetitive. The webinar below will explain to you some things about what UBot does and as an entrepreneur why you need to use it.

Features that it can do and help you with:

  • Reduces Cost and Increase Efficiency
    UBot Studio Lets You Easily Make Software Bots to Automate Virtually Any Browser Operation. In-Build Support for Proxy Flipping, Bot Compiling and CAPTCHA Outsourcing Means that Your Bots Can Run on Autopilot - 24/7
  • Your Ideas - Make them Happen
    You Don't Need Programming Skills to Create Extremely Powerful Bots with UBot Studio. Visual Scripting Language (VSL) and "Point and Click" Interface Enables You Turn Your Ideas into Feature-Rich Bots With Little Effort
  • Customized Solutions - Just for You
    UBot Studio's Extensive Function-Library Gives You Total Control Over Every Aspect of Your Bots. Develop Solutions that are Customized for Your Exact Needs - Yes, Days of those "One Size Fits All" Generic Software are Over.
  • You Focus on the "BIG Picture"
    UBot Studio is Easy to Learn and Gets Things Done. No Need to Spend Time or Energy Memorizing Programming Syntaxes or Developing Logic Flow - UBot Studio Does it All For You So You Focus on "The Big Picture".

There is also a bunch of tutorials and a community forum where users can communicate and share their UBots. This gives every versatility to grow their business and their efforts to make money online. Want to read more...? Check out UBots Tutorials and Forum to find out more about their community.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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