Webinar: Russell Brunson's DotComSecrets

By Ian Fernando

Just finished listening to Russell Brunsons DotComSecrets Webinar, this was a very informative webinar. The only sad part is Russell had festive Thanksgiving and lost his voice during his seminar. I made out most of it and he was hearable throughout and respectful.

This webinar had a lot of great features, Russell spoke about how to be an Entrepreneur and how there are only 3 steps to achieve that title. But before I go into the 3 small steps I want to add a little more background about the webinar.

Again there was a lot of great and useful information, so much information I took notes! He mentioned sites I have never even heard of and that do great work. I wanted to snap shot every single one of his PowerPoint slides, but I didn’t know if he would allow them. So I just wrote the sites down and I will read them through later tonight or tomorrow morning. But Russell did a great job showing the other tools and resources out there that can be very beneficial to a business or an entrepreneur.

The only negative feedback I can say is he went through everything quite fast, I do not know if he is trying to rapidly go through it because of his voice or time limitation. I wanted to write a couple things down and the next thing you know there is another slide. BLAH!

Well here is something beneficial, the 3 Tips on being the perfect entrepreneur:

  1. Specialize
  2. Create
  3. Take Action

By these he simply says to learn and specialize in a particular field. A really good example is eBay. Do not learn how to setup auctions and decide when to start an auction but specialize on taking advantage of eBays traffic. Smart. He uses eBay as a lead generation, helping him grow his list thousands by the say.

I actually know about this but I keep getting my about me page suspended or reset. Here is DotComSecrets About Me Page on eBay. Now that is really powerful using eBay to capture leads, since users on ebay always want to buy, right? Well I will try to perfect my about me page in hope I do not get suspended again.

So you specialize in ebay, now what? Well create a strategy which you can implement. If you have a great strategy and it works then the third step is to take action. Now Russell takes this a step further by saying to specialize, create, and take action to give to someone/employee. I do not know if I can explain this right but - I think he is saying to Specialize in SEO, Create that strategy and pass it off for someone to take action, this way you have time to stay on the beach.

I think that is right. But it does make sense you want more time to yourself and your family. But those three steps really do make sense. Specialize in eBook Marketing, create that strategy and then take action. Though the offer was pretty expensive, I got a lot of information from Russells PowerPoint Presentation.

But as other webinars and seminars that are free, I thought tonight's webinar would be another one of those sales seminar. My product is great because it does this really cool things, and I am throwing a bunch of bonuses in it, a free ebook with usb key, a free month of this and another dvd, a picture of me laughing at you, and a cassette tape player with a tape of me saying I am better! I hate those types of seminars and webinars.

There are other things that were very helpful that I never heard of such as parasite marketing, which is the first time I am hearing. He goes into build and creating a business model for your business because you are an entrepreneur not an employess. This brings something a little off topic since I have been reading a couple things within the blogosphere about creating and making a business model. A couple have mentioned and wrote create topics about it.

This is true, you do need to have a business model and Russell shows you the easiest business model, the Entrepreneur Business Model. It is 3 simple steps. There maybe other model in between like employees and etc but it is pretty basic.

The best part about this product is Russell will personally train you and your employees! Again the price was pretty hefty for me to really consider but I did gain a lot of knowledge from his webinar and his PowerPoint. The basis of his product are all, I think, of his teachings and seminars he does and will be teaching you about how to start a business. Here are the things that you receive with his purchase.

A 14 DVD Collection showing every single money-making tip that allowed me to skyrocket my online business while taking classes, spending time with my wife, and wresting full-time in college.

A 14 CD collection that contain audio tracks from the DVD. I know that I can listen to these CDs in my car, while I'm exercising, or anytime I am too busy to sit down and watch the DVDs.

The DotComSecrets Companion Workbook that gives an excellent overview of your million-dollar blueprint before I get into the nitty-gritty with the DVDs and audios.

The DotComSecrets Action Checklist that contains all the money-making steps outlined in your course in easy actionable steps that I can check off as I do them.

Bonus #1: A FREE 30 Day Subscription To DotComSecrets Magazine that will expose me to the great minds that are instrumental to making your online company an extreme success.

Bonus #2: A FREE 30 Minute Consultation With One Of Your "Million Dollar Success Coaches" that I can mastermind with (or answer my questions if I have any problems).

Bonus #3: A FREE Eight-Part Follow Up Teleseminar Series that you are graciously hosting (considering the value of your time). I understand that you will be reinforcing the main points taught in the DotComSecrets course, as well as bringing up a couple new "changes" to the internet marketing scene since the course was recorded.

That is a lot of items to receive, but it is worth it. They even have a payment system which makes it affordable, but my concept is I do not want you to hand things to me I actually want to learn. That is why I say I learned more from Russell pre-sell speech about his product from maybe his actual product? I say this because the product removes steps 1 and 2 of how to be an entrepreneur, the only step you need to do is take action, which is smart because that is a really good NLP strategy he was using. Take action!

But to me why would I want to remove the first two steps if I am really not using my own creativity to make and take my own actions? This is a really good product and I think this is released just in time before Joel Comm's Secret Classroom. Hmm...... Which to buy?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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