Weekend Rambles: eBay, Forbes.com, and Avatars

By Ian Fernando

So lately I have done a lot of things that should help me better prepare into the New Year. But first thing first I have gotten back into eBay - well just to clean up my last year stuff. I did ebay during the holidays with my old vendors when I started on the internet and I just decided to clean up my 2007 gear. So I posted some things up for sale, like my racing collections jacket by JH Designs. I bought these jackets for about $100-$125 a piece, before released to the market.

Expensive Jacket Turned not So Expensive

These jackets were meant for the fall/spring season and were very comfortable. They were the styles for about 2 years and I had most of the rare or pre released jackets before sold on the market. Well after 3 years, the fashion for sports jacket is losing their touch and I find no more use for them. On occasion I would wear them and I even have one with still tags on.

This is just how I am, I like fashion and I like shoes and clothes. I buy what I want, especially if it is rare. So here are the jackets I am selling on eBay:

These are just the ones I haven't sold. As you can see I have or I collect Jackets especially in the winter/fall time. Now this year and last year was all about track jackets and for the winter its about pea coats. Now I have several collections already of different styles and colors of jackets. But they too may soon be on ebay. Well I hope these sell well on ebay.

Forbes Magazine Likes my Blog

In other rambling, my blog will be part of a new blog network held by Forbes Magazine. This new network will be released in January of 2008 and I can not wait to see such recognition from their readers. As of right now (12/28/07 | 16:30) there is no link to the Blog Network, it will be available in January 2008.

Here are some snippets from the email I received:

Now we are offering you the opportunity to associate your blog with the Forbes name by joining the fastest-growing business/ financial blog network on the Web, launching January 2008.

... blog network comprised of best-of-breed financial and business blogs. Among the many advantages to joining are the targeted financial/business ads that Forbes.com will be serving across the network. The goal of the network is to provide Forbes.com users with unique content, which at the same time will help drive traffic to your blog and help you further monetize it.

I was very excited and I still am, the only thing that bothered me was me adjusting my blog real estate a bit, especially my header. 🙁 As you can see it has changed I hope you all like it. BTW the picture of me was from this past Christmas. 🙂

So I can not wait to hear back from them on my acceptance, I have faxed all my paper work to them and I have read their TOS as well and found some things interesting like as I stated above with the adjusted header, the ad space will be sold to their sponsorships. This should not affect my own blog real estate.

With that said in 2008 my 6 Text Links and Banner spots will raise in price. Also, the RSS blast within post will be removed to make the blog more neat, since there is big change with ads among my blog. Me as a reader I am looking at my own blog and thinking that it is getting too cluttered. So to make it look more clean and neat I will be removing the ads within the post, the RSS Blast.

Sales Page Work is Damn Hard!

With trying to make my digital product viral is really hard. I am actually testing something too with emails. Use an official JV letter or just be personal with the email. I have lengthened my sales page for OptIn Comments and I even added more pictures. I added a TOS and disclaimer like others do, I added PS and PPS as others do.

I even added an avatar picture of me, from this past Christmas to the bottom of the sales page. How I look?

I was looking at a lot of structures of sales pages, especially the ones that are popular on ClickBank and the ones that went viral on the internet for a couple days, which are spoken of within forums.

I have been scouring the internet to look for good prospects to JV with and even look for testimonials, finding good testimonials are hard!

Luckily I have some good friends I met through blogging which will help me in some issues. I just need bigger reputable bloggers and marketers for some testimonials, since they will be more influential in the long run. Creating a product is simple, promoting and launching a product is f*cking a pain in the arse. =P

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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