Weekend Rambling: Hi Haters!

By Ian Fernando

Ok first and foremost - Hi Haters!

If you are a loyal reader then this does not pertain to you - but to the new readers that came to yesterday's post and criticized my strategies. It was criticized so much I had to remove the post. I had some comments on the positive end and most and all were all mad because of my tactical way of making money online.

Yesterday's post was a little of Black Hat Marketing - which is frowned upon on the internet. Search Engines, users, readers do not like the way Black Hatters make their money. Though my strategy I think was not fully Black Hat - it was still criticized and had to be removed. I think this is the reason why there are little black hat blogs out there - they are criticized on too much.

Yesterday's post was about increasing the profitability with a users' Build a Niche Store. It gives a better chance of earning some income, isn't that suppose to be good. I wanted to share a strategy that I was doing to help me earn income and yet no one wanted to listen or read but just hate and criticized the post. There are users out there that can chose to do the strategy or chose not to it is up to you do copy what I do or take in my advice.

A popular drink, Haterade - it brings thirst to criticized the people that found a good way to market and it quenches their soul when these marketers are put into shame. Well I deleted my post because of all the criticism and threat of being reported to the affiliate network, so you can say the post was deleted because of fear. Ehh not really me, but I had to do it because it will compromise my income.

I also received a multitude of comments on another post about me being a 'loser', whatever. I tested a service on my end and I did not like it, so I wanted to go ahead and share my opinion on it and why it was not a implemented properly. Again a blog is not about facts - it is opinions.

So yesterday I had to remove one post and I had to deal with negative comments. It is a users opinion on how the services works. I also tend to leave negative comments, but it will be about a service that I already had experience with or something that I believe is not right to me. I do not tackle the author - that is his opinions on a product or service.

Well how did I deal with all these negative onslaught? Simple I laughed about it. Negative comments actual raise my stature, yes I feel better if you think I am a loser, that must mean you are not making any money at all. Now I know how Paul from Uber Affiliate feel when he showed his affiliate income of 200k and everyone thought he PhotoShop it.

There are users out there that do not like some strategies that are used. But my post yesterday was against TOS and I apologize to all that read the information and advise anyone that still have it within their RSS feed not to take my advice. In the end I was pointed out to the TOS and read it and fine I went against TOS, it is my mistake. So again I apologized for such bad information.

This post is written out of order I think - since I am just typing on what is on my mind.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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