What is the Deal with DealDotCom?

By Ian Fernando

I finally caught up with the emails from when I was on vacation. I have been reading a lot about this DealDotCom through out the blogosphere. I been trying to figure out why someone would use a site to host their product and give someone else the commission. The middleman wants a big cut too. If I understand correctly.

I was thinking to myself - why don't they just market it. Using a "third" party to help promote is really pointless. Especially for a website that is brand new! DealCotCom remind me of Woot.com, where Woot is physical products DealDotCom is digital.

I decided to sign up and see if I can provide one of my digital products to DealDotCom. Then I saw this:

...how much of that do you get to keep? (the remainder would be our cut)

Then I thought hmm, there is a middle person here. That is how this site is making money. I then again thought to myself why someone would do this, since DDC is a brand new site. The only way I see DDC gaining traffic is by word of mouth - digital products are still expensive and are mostly ebooks.

First let us figure out what DealDotCom is about:

What is DealDotCom?
DealDotCom.com is the place on the web to find all the Internet Marketing products you really want for rock bottom prices. We sell products and services that help save you time and money when it comes to running your online business.

I missed yesterday's item, can I still get one?
If you missed getting your children presents for Christmas, can you make it up to them on December 26th? Of course not! If you miss out on one of our items or it sells out, then too bad. We recommend that you make a visit to DealDotCom part of your daily routine, just to be sure that we're not selling something you can't live without.

You can read more here, but I think this concept is very similar to affiliate users using their own affiliate code to get a discount, especially 75%. I do not know how successful DDC will be, but to me I think there is really no good use for it. It just hosts your digital product, and they have their own comical description about it.

DDC is not very powerful to me, providing you a deal everyday and it will not be rotated? They will have to rotate the products soon; there isn't a lot of digital products out there that will be worth posting or even buying. What happens if they do run out, what will they do? Even if they had access to resale right products, which they do not promote because it is pointless, there is not a lot of people out there that will buy ebooks.

The internet marketing niche is getting so big that DDC will not be very popular soon. Ebooks are only good for the reader that do not want to research. We as bloggers or internet marketers know how to research so buying these ebooks become obsolete to us, I know for me it does.

I only tend to buy an ebook from great internet marketers since their names have been branded. Even then I will be a little hesitant. All over the internet ebooks on the same topic are discussed, what is everyone talking about that one has not already said?

I know each person has their own strategies on attacking a problem; we seek other knowledge to become better. I make ebooks that are useful, since information is cluttered on the internet; I will find the clutter and pile it up into an ebook so users will not research. I find this very successful. One of my ebooks does great in the cell phone niche - though the information is free all over the internet, readers want the solution now. Only outside of the internet marketing niche will most readers buy informational ebooks.

The reason why I think DDC will not succeed in the long run is because it is targeting the internet marketing niche, my niche and possibly yours. This means there is likely to be fewer sales on a product especially if it is an ebook, scripts may sell better.

Here are what others are saying about DealDotCom.

SlyMarketing says:

and I understand that not all people are satisfied with DealDotCom. I understand that some products might be too expensive

CashQuests says:

That’s right folks, giving someone a 2% discount ($10 off $500) isn’t an actual deal and they won’t accept it. Check out their latest offer which is an e-book selling at the “deal” price of $7.66

...Wow! $7.66 must be a great deal, right? Wrong. Following the link from DealDotCom to the official product sales letter reveals its usual price to be $7.95

Bloggrrl says:

I’m not convinced it’s ethical. The site itself plays up how it is good to “get in” before everyone else does. Am I really providing a service to readers by hoping that they sign up for a site where they probably won’t get any money, but I will–if they buy something later?

Ades Blog says:

...and there are not many great internet marketing products on the net about Internet Marketing. Let’s say there are 20-30 real great products, that means DealDotCom will be posting 30 days great products and after that it will be just another website promoting junk products.

As you can see there are others out there that think DDC is not or has not full potential in the Internet Marketing niche. DealDotCom is only successful because they provide 1 opportunity to the user, forcing them to think they will never see this opportunity again. Why do you think One Time Offer Pages are so successful?

DealDotCom simply just puts an impression to the reader that they will never see this deal again. Again, internet marketing niche is so complex it is hard to sell to another internet marketer, especially one that is past novice.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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