What to Do with Content Bully's Data

By Ian Fernando

If you already do not know about Content Bully then you should. I wrote a post about it a while back, in whch they allowed me to give away 50 of their copies. Well, I have been playing around with the software for a while now and I am impress with what it can do and how it arranges the data.

Since there is so much data that Content Bully is providing, what do you do with that data? There is data for banner ad sizes, alexa ranks, geo targeted alexa ranks, etc. There is a lot and it takes time for Content Bully to gather these data, especially if you set a filter to what you are looking for.

Well, since I have not done an excel tutorial in a while I will show you how the data looks like and what you can do with that data, from my point of view. I will show you some things on filtering by alexa ranks, banners, sorting, etc. It is all very basic Excel tips and tricks but can be very useful when doing your own data or looking at data.


So with content I run about 3-5 instances of this depending on the offers I am running and types of keywords. Since I look for the max websites with my basic specs, such as alexa ranks and if they have ads or not.

If you do not know what Content Bully is, it simply finds websites with high volume traffic with adsense ads on them. This way you can do placement targeting when working with Google Adwords.

Well, let me just show you the video of and how to decipher Content Bully's data:


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Ian Fernando
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