Whats your Motive? An Interactive Affiliate Network

By Ian Fernando

Recently I got off the phone with a CEO of a new innovative affiliate network. This specific network is very unique in is own because of the interface, the interface alone is very intriguing at first but comfortable at the same time. Also, Brendan is part of a new affiliate network which I recently just joined, Advent. Advent seems fairly new I have never heard of this specific network prior but I was glad to join their network.

The way I found Advent was by a comment left by Brendan, CEO of Motive Interactive. It was a post I had created on all the t-shirts I received from Affiliate Summit. I then contacted him directly and he sent me a t-shirt. Soon after we went ahead and started to conversate, it began as one of those 'affiliate contact' talking about how they are better than the other network but soon digressed into some personal conversation. This is good because you need to blend in some personality with business, otherwise it becomes bland and I stop listening.

But today I have a video of what their affiliate network looks like. The reason why I am doing this is because after affiliate summit west I was hoarded with calls and email, specifically about joining a specific affiliate network. I also did a video on how many affiliate networks you should join. Since after joining X amount new ones, I wanted to go a head and get a test account. Most of the network did not provide a test account, they simply stated join and you can see for yourself type attitude - I hate that (force marketing). Brendan on the other hand provided me with a unique login to browse around the offers and their interface. This is how I will be showing you the interface of Advent.

I just joined this network and so far my overall experience is good. I have not been hassled by the network to hurry up and promote, but given the feeling 'when you are ready to promote we are here to help'. Luke my account manager is another great person and brother of Brendan, so both has helped me out a lot with just discussion of their network, when you talk to these guys you get a good feel of the network because it is the people running the network. If you have a bad experience with a the people from the network your overall experience of the network is poor.

Let's Dive into Advent...


The interface of Advent is very clean and beautiful. It is clean and easy to navigate; there is no fluff of what is being shown. You are automatically introduced with your stats since to me stats is what I look for right away when I login. Below your visual stats are the offers you are watching. By the way the interface of this network is built on a sophisticated Ajax System. Everything loads right in front of you. There is no need to reload pages or redirect you to parts of the dashboard, your dashboard is alive!

The fact that you can just navigate easily within your dashboard says a lot about the company. They really put a lot of thought on what is important to the user and their affiliates. The video will show you a very nice clean interactive dashboard.


There is a lot of offers but some networks have more, I could not really find a specific category they are in. Usually a network has more offers in a specific category because they tend to do better with a specific offer. Advent shows a lot of strong and high converting offers, examples: SinglesNet and LifeLock. I assume they concentrate on high converting offers, which is really good. They do have some limited offers but these offers are popular among other networks since it is high converting and well known.


Along with the offers you want to look at the payouts. Though there are lower payouts than other networks, my specific offers I am currently promoting. For example: SinglesNet is lower than other networks that I see, but again Brendan or your account manager will match or even beat the other networks. They will even risk dipping into company funds to give you a better and higher payout.

Some networks will not even dip or match because you are not providing the volume or making X amount in one day. These networks have rules and standards for specific offers. Advent will help work out a resolution with you and or beat the offer payout of the other network. Risking the company earnings to give you a higher payout gave me the concept they want to keep their affiliates happy.

Video Overall:

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