Why 99% of Online Beginners Fail

By Ian Fernando

I was reading from one of my favorite blogs via RSS and I found this post title: "You Will NOT Make Money Online." It caught my attention and I decided to check it out. Mark Wielgus created a unique video about how 99% of online users will not make money online. Can I agree, yes. He puts up a good rambling about trying to make money online and how most of us are just failures.

He even has a disclaimer about his specific post: 45n5 Disclaimer: You Will NOT Make Money Online.

Why do I agree? Well watch his video below and listen carefully. If you are a beginner you may be offended and maybe even loose hope. But at the end is the key to his ramblings. Dedication.

Here is the video:


Now let's dissect Marks Video a little.


Mark says in his video "...reads an ebook or does some simple steps or does some stupid magic equation or listens to my post or anybody anybody post about making money online by simply partaking in the activity..."

This is true, that is why there is a big controversy over ClickBank products. Can you really make money overnight? The answer is no. I have been on the internet platform for a little over 6 months. When I first started I jumped into everything, assuming I was going to be rich the next day. It is when I have done more reading and realizing some of the marketing aspects that making money online is not that easy, IT IS HARD!

By reading other blogs and other peoples experiences does not make you an expert. Its all base on experience, for example this blog is base on my experiences, what works and what does not. This does not means that my tactics will work for you its just another version or way of attempting to make money online, as Mark says "its just partaking in the activity." By simply just reading these ebooks or listening to these audios does not mean your wealth is coming to you.

Who is Making Money Online?

Mark goes into discussing the bloggers that make money online are the ones that have bee on the internet for more than 1 year or even 2 years. They have been diligently working hard to earn the lifestyle where they are at today. Odds are that you are not doing the same; you easily buy a domain but do nothing with it. Just because you put up a site with Adsense ads does not mean you will receive your first check, it may take several months as it did with me.

Who makes money online are the ones that really take part in internet marketing, attention getters, creative writers and programmers, the ones with visual aspects, entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are chance takers, a lot of you out there are probably not risk takers or taking a chance at something. For example I wanted to do video marketing put myself out there and show everyone my personality. Well I was kind of hesitant, until I did it and I actually gained subscribers! It made me realize that I do not care what others will think because there are others out there that will agree or like my presence. I do not want to be considered a newbie on the internet I have read a lot and gained a lot of experiences from my mistakes and experiences while I have been marketing on the internet.

Marks Conclusion:

"Facts of Life - You will NOT make Money Online"

To be in the 1% - it takes dedication. I have been dedicated to my internet marketing so far that I will soon come out with a great unique product. I have taking the risk of taking some of my earnings form the internet and creating this new program. By me simply just taking the risk and knowing the aspects of the risk makes me an entrepreneur. I have an understanding of what may be and may become. I want to be successful within the next year or so. So Mark simply says it's all about dedication becoming an attention getter, being different from the rest.

Readers that read how to do email marketing, blogging, creating your own product etc, will never make it if they follow it step by step - you need to think outside of that box! What on your end can you do differently? I have done several things differently, thinking outside of the box to acquire more traffic or more income. I have taken gurus tactic/systems and either adjusted them to fit my needs. I have taken scripts and re adjusted some code to make it work better for me. I read, learn, and I do marketing how I see it should be. Others experiences through ebooks does not mean it will always work for me or you, sometimes just need to add a twist to your marketing.

It's a fact that most of you are lazy. You want to become rich overnight - you need to realize that will not happen unless you dedicate yourself first, you need to go through the hardship as others have. Its the dedication that will get you there.

My Conclusion and my Synapse:

I strongly agree with Mark, again it took a me awhile to get to realizing I will not make money online. I thought that if I read a book or do these simply tutorials I will be rich!! I just laughed at the old me and now I know what to expect. Mark puts this realization in everyones head by simply just saying it is a "Fact of Life." In agreeing with Mark it is why 99% of online users fail at making money online.

Speak Up!!
What did you think of the Video? It was harsh, but how true do you think Mark is at saying the truth? Do you think it is the Truth? What do you have to say?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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