Why Chad Marketing: Going Broader Leads to Higher ROIs

By Ian Fernando

There's an ongoing argument for a narrow approach in marketing, but this couldn't be farther from reality. A broader approach gives many benefits and will have been the greenest for marketers making conversions. I look at chad marketing, the benefits of a broader approach, and the steps to make it happen.

What is Chad Marketing?

Chad marketing is a term I like to use. It's all about open targeting, letting the data tell you where to go next. As a marketer, it's easy to do guesswork on who your target market is, but this guesswork, time and time again, typically proves wrong.

When I first entered the marketing game many years ago, there wasn't anything known as targeting. We had to go in blind when capturing our audience. Enter chad marketing, which you can think of as "throw whatever you have against the wall and see what sticks," and whatever does stick is where you want to focus.

This lazy, open, broad marketing strategy saves time and takes your rightful customers. With a broad marketing strategy, you can easily take a single message and share it with a large audience. The result is a higher return than a targeted approach. The reason for this higher return is simple, those who connect with your message are your target market.

Ultimately, I found I could make better business decisions using a broad approach, leading to higher conversions and more money in my pocket. By harnessing the incredible powers of open marketing and today's algorithmic ad buying, you won't be making assumptions about who your audience is. The ad copy will let you know. 

Better Data Gathering Has Its Benefits

By taking a much broader approach, chad marketing allows me to look across a much broader customer segment. I can easily cross-check customers based on specific traits, preferences, and interests, then take all the information, and when the dust settles, I can see those who want what I'm selling.  

I have to say, the most significant benefit to chad marketing is that it saves me time. Rather than spending one to two days doing some agonizing target market research, this approach gives me all the answers I need, and pretty quickly too.  

If you're going to take anything away from this, remember data gathering is an absolute game-changer. I would rather waste my money than my time if given a choice. When it comes to data gathering, I've lost money, but the difference is I always make it up later, but the same isn't for time.

There's a reason why we all hear about these massive companies constantly trying to collect customer data. In the end, it saves them time and makes them more money. The more data I collect, the better I know my target market, the more conversions I get, and the more money I can make in the end. Data makes things more manageable, and if you're looking to know your customers like me, it's an essential tool, without a doubt.

By taking a sample of such a large number from different groups of potential customers, I have a very accurate picture of who I should focus my ads on and who is likely to convert. This approach leads to higher conversion and more sales; for me, that's money in the bank.  

Higher ROIs with an Open Marketing Approach

If you are considering taking on a much broader marketing approach, there are some aspects to consider. Below are my five essential tips that will help lead to higher ROIs using an open strategy; here they are:

  1. First, Make No Assumptions

One of the biggest mistakes most marketers make is drawing assumptions before having accurate data. It's not uncommon for marketers to make assumptions about who would want to buy from them, their interests, and what they're willing to pay. It's a good idea to go into a chad marketing approach with an open mind and wait for some actual data to arrive before making any decisions. 

  1. Pay Attention to Frequency

It's not uncommon for some marketers to turn up their spending on ads, thinking that the higher the frequency, the more likely customers will want to buy their product or service. But the truth is that this doesn't work. I've found that increasing the frequency levels usually leads to diminishing returns the more spent on ads, be careful and pay close attention.  

  1. Spending More Isn't Always Better

 Spending more money on ads doesn't guarantee higher ROIs or more conversions. What it might mean is you're just throwing good money away. Believe me; I've done this in my early days when I thought that if I spent more money on running just a few more ads, I would surely see some big bucks in no time. 

  1. Keep Refining Your Message

Don't be afraid to refine your ad copy and designs continuously. Sometimes, the difference between a hit and miss is just a few minor tweaks. With such a broad approach, it's not unheard of that the first ad you start with will be the ad that converts your audience into paying customers, so don't be afraid of making some changes along the way.  — allow the message, headline, and creativity to do the work, not the other way around.

  1. With Real Data Start Niching Down

You've got some actual data in hand; start niching down and crafting your ads for your target market. With this accurate information, I saw higher revenues almost immediately, so don't forget to niche down to customers willing to buy what you're selling. 

Some Final Thoughts

I found that using chad marketing has saved me a massive amount of time and many headaches from doing all the guesswork of trying to find those customers that'll convert. In my opinion, taking a broader approach will save you time and start making you money sooner. 

My final verdict is chard marketing works; it's that simple. By taking a broader approach, you'll better find your target market and get conversions sooner, eventually leading to higher revenues. Make sure to start your affiliate marketing journey here.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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