Why Do Clickbank Info Marketers Suck So Much at Marketing?

By Ian Fernando

This is a rambling...

I consistently get tons of email and skype request from info marketers asking me to promote their products. The problem is I have a very well respected list and I want to keep it that way. So I try not to push garbage to my list, as I do not want to be consistently pitched to myself.

The reason for this post is because it is sad to see in the "Make Money Online"

But there are some I respect a lot and I look up to, for example Joel Comm is one of the first person I followed when I started in the online world and his view points are very similar to mine. When it came to internet marketing he also noticed a trend that has been happening and the reason for this post.

He realized that it is becoming a trend, "Launch Coaches" are rapidly growing and launching just make money online products. I personally hate these launches, though I have my own launch - its not hype and its all strategy and experience I show. I don't do a car salesman pitch and I market my own product instead of depending on people!

That shows that I can actually market my products and others!

The terrible truth about these MMO Guys

They honestly can't market anything else. This is one of the reason why I love affiliate marketing, we take any niche and profit. We can scale and this product launch guys can't. It is a known fact! Out of the many Clickbank Info marketers out there that sells make money online products, they personally do not do their tactic because they made so much money on their launch - they just relax.

These guys are strictly sales man and they are good at it, they can sell water to a fish already living in it. That is how good they are. These guys also do not even create their own product, they find users who need to launch a product and put their name on it. Branding themselves and ofcourse the other user.

Also, if you take these guys out of their comfort zone, they are not able to market anything else except to gullible users in teh MMO space. The reason is because they are dependent on their networks list. If they step out of that network of MMO guys who will mail for their launch, they are clueless on what to do.

Put these guys in a dating niche, green niche, a outdoor sports niche, they won't do it. The reason is because they know their own marketing strategy will not work. These Clickbank info guys strategies is all about getting on their knees and doing whatever it takes, probably even taking it at the same time.

Even product launch guys will not do it because their network is in the MMO space only. Pathetic. They can't launch a product outside the MMO because their launch is dependent on their MMO network. Sad.

Last reason I hate these Clickbank guys is because they do not care about their end user base, they whore out their list and then grow another list from a new launch, whore it out and then grow it again. It is a cycle of list whoring. Theses guys create products because it is easy in the MMO niche. The sad part is they don't care about their end user. They whore out their list out so much just so they can be in good terms with someone that has a bigger list.

Once that list has been dried out, they launch another product and get a new set of users to whore out.

But there are some people in the space I do appreciate, they create 1-2 products and cater their products around their members and end users. They have a business! These Clickbank marketers are real marketers and want to see other users succeed online, they make money off their end users but they are giving a lot back by just showing them the right way to make money online.

Product launches are cool but not caring at all for the end user and promising overnight success just bothers me. The reason I have this rambling is because I am annoyed at some of the end users who ask me to promote their products but when I do talk to them, they can't even tell me a viable strategy to their product.

... don't always believe the hype. Just rambling along...

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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