Why Facebook Fan Pages Matter to Your Business

By Ian Fernando

I like looking at stats, must be the asian inside of me. I am always curious to see why and how people react to certain things. Since Facebook is a sort of a hub, there is a lot of interesting stats to know about your following. I have a personal Facebook page, of which I am very picky on whom I add and I have a Fan Page as well.

Did you know Facebook provides you stats on your current users who views your page? This is amazing and the best part free. Fan Pages are widely used to create affiliate landing pages, create instant branding, act as a portal, etc. It is a powerful concept that not many are using currently.

These ingishts, Facebook calls them, are very useful to figure out how your market reacts to what you provide to them. Let's take a quick look at my personal fan page and see why fan pages are important. Also note that I have bought fan page likes.

Why wouldn't I have a Fan Page? These stats are very interesting and does looking at these stats, I can probably say they do better than traditional facebook ads, in comparison to impressions to ctr.

Also just look at the feedback I am getting about my fan page. The stats to the right show some great positive impact. 1740 post views a day - amazing, with 551 users actively going or interacting with my fan page!

I think it is an amazing thing to have 1740 post views. Now if we dig deeper into the stats. If you post on your fan page wall you get insight on each post you do. This is great because you can see the type of volume you get at certain times of day and at what certain time of day your users interact.

Though it won't tell you exactly what time, but it can give you an overall visual of when traffic is most heavy during the time of day. So lets take a look at one stat about a post I made and shared.

This had 760 impressions and a 1.45% feedback. Feedback I am going to think it is the likes for the post as well as comments left, including myself. That means users are taking interests in what you have to say and leaving their feedback. Though the link or post I posted to facebook was not my own, I am sharing something valuable about the buzz about Groupon. It s still in my relm of marketing online but not specifically me.

This will also play a role in the type of  wall posts you do on your fan page. Posting something uninteresting will result in a minor feedback while something that sparks an interest can result a high interests and high feedback.

Let's take a look a the past couple posts I did on my fan page:

These stats show the impressions and the interaction/feedback percentage. Getting a high interaction is actually good because you have a dedicated following and base on your following you can move and sway your users base on what they interact on and what they just disregard. From the stats I snap shot above, I can say most react to something in the online space rather than a useless ramble.

These specific stats can definitely help you along your way in either catering to your audience or branding yourself pretty fast. It is important that you have a fan page, it is the only way you can figure out how your audience is reacting to you and what you are saying. Plus it gives you some personality and close interaction with your audience.

Make sure, especially if you have a blog to get a Facebook Fan Page setup. I got it done because I didn't want my personal Facebook cluttered with all feeds from other people that I wasn't really friends with.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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