Why I Think WordPress Will be the Next Gen LP

By Ian Fernando

There is going to be a lot of changes on how users do affiliate marketing, especially with the release of blog style landing pages (LP). These landing pages have raised a bit of controversy over at some forums. Even users have started creating pretty similar LPs based on strong information even though it is just straight pre selling techniques.

Well, 2009 will be the next gen of landing pages. Users are going to be more creative and even more shady as you can say, Adhustler has a great post on how its time to get shady. Even Shoemoney has a predicted on how Google will start to slap these fake blog style LPs.

But I think there is an alternative to these styles, WordPress maybe the answer. WordPress is a very powerful CMS, especially with plugins. Most of these blog style LPs are standard HTML with a javascript comment form - stating comments go through a manual process. The thing is why block comments?


Comments create free content for any website, it is also user generated and it is important for other users to see a conversation. When someone comes to an LP blog style, you can almost say that the user may return to see any updates. Why? Well, blog is a personal information website. Blogs are powerful in providing 'self' information, information that is outside of the media.

When users add a comment it is creating a sense of a community, and you can easily bet that part of the traffic will return to see if new users added new comments. Blogs is a community, so you can bet there will be users coming back to check for new content. If your blog style LP is saying - this blog will be a style of how I lose weight or how I made money, then you can bet users will bookmark or even try to find an RSS feed, all which can be used to your advantage.

WordPress has a powerful backend, having the ability to alter certain part of the page with simple plugins. I have created OptIn Comments to work with WordPress and I have also other custom plugins to help with certain aspects of my blogs/sites. There are so many plugins out there than can help you with your affiliate marketing, especially when creating blog style LPs.

You do not even have to use WordPress as a blog style LP, customize the front page only to be a simple jump page and add content on the back end to get a higher quality score. You want to create content so you can always have a good QS, it is what Google likes. So WordPress can easily create such a thing for you with ease. With WordPress you can maybe get out of being slapped because you can add content that can be easily added to your blog. Generate or purchase PLR articles and simply upload them to your WordPress style blog, it is content which Google may give points to you, instead of just a 1 page site. (PLR may cause duplicate content, you just have to be smart when purchasing PLR). PLRtoWordPress is a great asset to have for such task.

Another thing about WordPress it is SEO friendly, giving you access to free SERPs. You can start getting traffic from search engines instead of PPC or other means of traffic. You will also be seen in blog search engines, which can be more important than traditional SERPs.

Do you think WordPress will be the next gen of landing pages? You can create a simple jump page and add content on the back of it to gain more of a bigger quality score. WordPress is very powerful and can definitely help with creating different style LPs.

Do you think more users will be using WordPress in creating Landing Pages?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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