Why is ClickBank the Most Talked about Network?

By Ian Fernando

When I started with affiliate marketing there was so much hype about ClickBank and their affiliate network. I remember back in the days I was promoting and all into ClickBank and their digital products. I even have a blog review website about ClickBank products because I felt it was the best way to make money and it did good - but now I am re creating and editing the website and concept.

So my main question, why is ClickBank viewed as one of the higher affiliate network. A lot of beginner ebooks are always talking about promoting digital products, even PayDotCom was built to be in competition with ClickBank. A lot of sales page show ClickBank stats and never a Azoogle Ad stat or even a CJ.com stat. Take a look below (this is not my screen shot):

I am not sure if it a marketing thing or marketers are out there to spread the world of ClickBank so their eBook can be sold and promoted.

But most sales pages are all showing their ClickBank stats and never another network. Ebooks about Adwords or PPC or affiliate marketing talk about or at least mention ClickBank.

I do not know if it is the easiest network to join or the easiest thing to promote. Digital information is popular but I do not think it is the easy thing to convert and market, even with PPC.
But for me I do promote ClickBank products, I get checks from them - but it is not my biggest source of income. I personally think digital products are easy to promote if it is a smaller niche. A crowded/saturated niche maybe harder to get higher conversions. But digital product is very popular on the internet, but hard to sell and promote, especially an ebook. I have written some on my own and have sold my own - since it is unique. But anyways...

I was searching some blogs about affiliate marketing; I like to find new stuff about it - since someone's experience can be my own. I always find people talking about ClickBank - not sure why it is so popular. Again, when I first started on the internet I did only hear about ClickBank and I was super focus on promoting popular ClickBank products.

I think ClickBank is just seen as a super easy network to promote what everyone is looking for - information. This is a HIGHLY saturated market - which is why I think so many ebooks exists. But ClickBank is not only known for eBooks but scripts as well and other digital products. Which I think it is very popular among users. Promoting scripts from their marketplace is what keeps the ClickBank checks coming every month.

Also, ClickBank is easily used all around the world. Many networks do not accept users from UK, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, etc. It is easy for a beginner to start affiliate marketing by simply joining a network where there is no pre screening - you are auto approved. Where as the other networks you are pre screened by affiliate managers who will be working with you. So there is some what of a pressure with other networks.

ClickBank is also a good place for beginners in affiliate marketing to start and understand what affiliate marketing is, another reason I think it is always mentioned on blogs and ebooks. Simple stats and tracking can help understand what some of the affiliate marketing terms. It also gives a window of oppurtunity to beginenrs because almost all of the commission for each digital product is at least 50% or higher. But is higher payout better than lower payouts?

The higher payouts easily attract beginners in affiliate marketing and thinking they can easily make their money within a day. It is the perception of seeing a higher commission which makes us want to promote something we have no clue about. I fell into this trend and thought to myself, 'Hey high Commission means more money for me!', not really.

But in my experience I find Clickbank marketplace a good place for beginners and I still promote several items within the marketplace. I am not in the marketplace all the time but I do promote specific scripts and ebooks. Now I have expanded my experience I found more networks which can easily earn you your first 5$ from affiliate marketing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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