Why Other DOT WHATEVERs Will Fail

By Ian Fernando

So yesterday .ME came out and it seems only GoDaddy was the only provider of the domain. Others were even having some issues with .ME registrations. ShoeMoney had multiple issues with his domains and everyone on twitter was expressing their feelings as well. I was all about .ME because it brings personality to a domain but how memorable is it? .COM is and will always be around because it is part of everyones speech, trying to make another other .WHATEVER a part of speech will be hard. Look at .NET people know about it but a majority do not because they recognize .COM more.

I personally have 1 .NET domain and the rest of my domains are .COMs (with the exception of LPs). I personally think that .COM has and is part of everyones daily speech. If we take a look in the past .NET was not even that successful to try and take over the dot com boom. .NET tried to ride the .COM and tried to make itself overwhelm .COM but failed. Again, we know of .NET but we automatically say .COM

Another instances that received a lot of buzz in the past was .WS (.WebSite). This became very popular and was listed to be the next top domain extension after the .COM - does anyone even buy a .WS?

When it comes to domains it may have a good SEO functionality but if it is going to be a business it needs to be easily remembered. Everyone will attached a .COM to any website that is given to them, again its part of our vocabulary. .ME is very personal and I was going to actually buy several domains, then I thought of other domains and its' history, no one really uses them.

I want the 2 domains under a .ME (which are still available, crazy right!) but what will I use it for? Will it be easily remembered? A lot of domain buyers are buying into the concept of a sentence "ForgetAbout.ME" or "WhatAbout.ME". Does it sound weird "WHATABOUTME" - someone can easily just attach a .COM and go to another users website. When in actuality you are saying "What About DOT ME", just so the end user will visit your site. Now doesn't just sound weird? "Hey Mr. Person - I have a a website visit 'WEBSITE DOT ME!'" On paper it may look interesting and creates that curiosity feeling but verbal speech is part of marketing and networking, what if the person does not write it down?

With new domains coming out, the first day there is a huge buzz and everyone tries to buy the best domain name possible with the specified .WHATEVER. Does anyone think the buzz will last more than 1 day? .ME was heavily buzzed for 1 day but anyone actually buying it on the second day, especially after some negative feedback from buyers? I do not think there will be another big dot com takeover, .COM is currently king and I doubt any other .WHATEVER will take it's thrown.

Just the fact .COM is part of everyone's speech will be hard to remove that speech and replace it.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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