Why You Should Have a Meetup

By Ian Fernando

Later today I will be meeting up with our mastermind group and we will be catching up on our marketing aspects. We all share a lot of information with this immediate group which consists of Adhustler and WayneDog, these guys are not just great marketers but great friends. Our group is basically all about new ways to generate income, I learned a lot from both and they can probably say the same. Each one has their specialty, even me!!

It is great to have a group where you can just bounce ideas without anyone taking your ideas or even trying to just bank off your idea. We share a lot of our stats and even do group testing, where each person does a specific strategy to find a way to bank off a specific niche. It is basically testing in 3 different directions, beats testing all the ideas yourself.

But other than that specific group, I have a monthly meetup call IANteract. This specific meetup is a just a mixer of marketers from noobs to experts. Which is fine with me because there are people in the group that I can network with and it also help brand myself even more. I do not mind sharing some of my insights to marketing and how to make some dollars, I am there for the comfort to others and giving a helping hand out.

This is the reason why you should have a meetup. A meetup can be easily done by simply creating one at Meetup.com and creating your own little local group. Having such a local group is great because there is not need to travel to conferences or even try to find relative people to join your meetup. Meetup does all that for you. Specifically with the New Jersey IANteract Meetup - our setup is more of an open forum. Everyone can ask questions and gather information from others in different fields of marketing.

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the past meetup:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Getting Traffic to a New Site
  • How to Promote
  • Tools and Resources
  • ...etc

There is just a boat load of information that we discuss at the meetup and sometimes it will be a good discussion. It is great to have some people interact with one another and argue the basis of marketing. It is even good to hear other ideas and even leverage them and working with the specific person on it.

A localized meetup can be very beneficial to you and everyone. You earn a brand and you earn knowledge. I specifically want my monthly meetup to be more interactive and not to just listen. I encourage everyone to ask anything, even though the question maybe too noobish - everyone needs to start somewhere.

The next New Jersey Meetup is coming up next week on the 13th of December and if you would like to join and are in the NJ area register here: New Jersey IANteract

Besides just having a monthly talk about marketing, I gain some friends. Last meetup we had dinner at a local sports bar right after the meetup, courtesy of Erik Ahlgren. I want to create that relationship and not be just a person that makes some money. There is also a big reason why I personally like to have meetups, friends.

Prior, I wrote about how my current friends are just friends. When I want to hangout and chill - it is hard to chill with specific people or travel with specific people. The reason is because of their situation with income. I go out of my way sometimes to lend money to my friends so that I can have a good time, if they are just sitting at a bar - that kills my night. It is the reason I go to all these conferences, meetup with entrepreneurs and just BALL Out and ofcourse learn.

With the meetup I try to do something after and create that borderline friendship and relationship. But having a local meetup is very beneficial and definitely can impact what you can learn from someone else who has a different way of thinking.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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