Why You Shouldn't be Using LinkTree for Your Social Profile Link if You Are a Brand

By Ian Fernando

Linktree is an amazing platform to aggregate all your media links. It is simple, quick, easy to use, but limited. Don't get me wrong it is straight to the point use. Linktree uses simplicity to make sure your information is out there to whoever is interested in you or your brand.

If you are a brand, shouldn't you rep your brand? Sure, you have your image or logo on the page but is that it? The page should have some character to it no? I was looking at my page and I thought to myself that I needed to spruce it up. I have my own domain, I have a blog - why am I using a third party website to put up simple links?

Here is what my Linktree looks like before... simple and straight to the point.

Nothing interesting about it but it does give you all the information you may need about me. I have all my social icons on there and optin links. The problem is I couldn't control the theme, there is only so much you can do on the free account. I wasn't complaining because what is the point of distraction right?

Well, I then realize that I needed to just be me and fix it up more. I was already using OptimizePress to create optins on my blog so why not create a social link page? So I did

Here is what my social link looks like now... big difference right? Now, this will have my domain in it and I get to customize how I want to be viewed on the internet.

The best part is OptimizePress has a template that I just recreated to make it into a social link page. I was viewing their pre-made templates on how to mimic Linktree and saw a simple thank you page style and just easily converted into what you see now.

I was able to add a mini title, a brief description of me, and customize the colors!

OptimizePress has been in the landing page business for a very long time, I believe since 2010. They were the go-to platform for landing pages, squeeze pages, jump pages, etc. Even before Leadpages and even Clickfunnels came into the picture, they were the goto. I know, my affiliate links have changed several times due to their 10-year change.

Optimizepress now competes in a now-crowded market of pre-built landing pages, with new ones coming out every day. As you can see my social link page is far better than what Linktree provided me. Instead of a simplistic non-brandable page, I have me on a page!

With pre-built templates and sections, you can create easy opt-in pages and quick link pages for all your social profiles. I finally have made the jump to change my links because I am trying to keep branding consistent across all my channels. I probably would have had to pay someone to make a page like the one you see above some serious cash, but it was all done in just a couple hours.

They have a very clean backend, no need to understand what margins are or even know what spacing is. You just move your mouse and drag and drop. Optimizepress will determine the margins and spacing itself and you can even adjust it with your mouse.

In the end, I am glad I finally made the decisions to redo my social link section. It is straight to the point and it is definitely more attractive.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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