Why Your Actions Will Never Make You Rich

By Ian Fernando

Time and time again, I get questions asking how to make it online and it sometimes amazes me that a lot of people do not want to put in work for the reward. In fact everyone does it on a daily basis, you are at a job and you are provided a check, work for reward. It is practically a given, you do a job to receive a paycheck, which you are not even proud of. After work you go to a fast food place to grab dinner, go home watch tv then go to bed. This methodology is why you will never reach the goal of being self employed or creating an income you thought you never would of dreamed of.

I had a conversation with someone today about creating your own income. The responses that came out of this person mouth was just unbelievable. Everything I ask was answered in a non positive way. How is your day going? It is ok, can be better. - Not really a solid response, very uncertain.

As I become more and more independent from the traditional world, I start to see things very differently. My attitude has changed over the years, my lifestyle, my health, even my mind has changed drastically in the 7 years I have been in this industry. I think there are several things that separate entrepreneurs from the rat race world and its actions to a better lifestyle.

Here is an image I posted on Instagram a couple days ago.


Actions determine our next step, what we are doing tomorrow, what we eat, how we work, etc. Actions are what molds our everyday lifestyle. Do you wake up every morning at 6am to go to the gym? I do. Do you juice everyday to have a very optimal body? I do. Do you work the hours you want to to achieve your financial freedom? I do. When you are driving, are you listening to self improvement audios and ebooks instead of your ipod? I do.

These seem like drastic changes, because it is a different lifestyle. As humans we do not like changes, plus we are also lazy. This combination makes it harder for us to accept and change our lifestyle. Why cook, when there are hundreds of fast food restaurants out there.

Your actions will take you where you want to be in life. You want to travel, then do it. You want more money, then create that income. When I was just getting into this affiliate game, I was hungry to get rid of my 3 jobs. My ultimate goal was to just have 1 job at that time and not 3. I didn't have time for myself, I was working just so I can make sure I was able to pay rent and have food. Life was a struggle for me. So I decided to look to the internet to see if I am able to make some money just so I can just have 1 job instead of 3.

Now, I have no job but 3 companies.

Here is a quick action list which you can do at least once a day to slowly improve your own actions and get to where you want to be.

Read AND Finish a book - I have a lot of books. I have both hard and digital and most are self improvement books. The other mix are about marketing and business models in other business outside of affiliate and online marketing. Before I use to just read part of a book then move onto another without finishing the last book I was reading. I have been training myself to read faster, now I pick up a book and finish it. Do not wonder your mind to another book without accomplishing the first.

Start Juicing or Blending - Living a healthy lifestyle is hard. It is its own lifestyle technically. You have to see what you eat and include exercises. I think to start in this direction is to start juicing or blending. Every morning after my workout, I blend. In the afternoon I juice 32 ounces of vegetables. You do not have to have a regiment like mine, but starting to have 1 juice a day will help with your own internal body and give your body a boost.

Take Naps During the Day - Naps are very important. It resets the mind and body. Your mind is constantly working, even when you are asleep. During the day it is bombarded with ideas, tasks, what to do next, etc. It gets very busy, you want to just reset it once a day and start fresh. Doing this daily will help regain your focus and you will just feel better overall.

Meditate Every Morning - If you can not take a nap, then meditate right before work. I meditate usually right after my morning workout. Meditation helps clear your mind. It helps with de-cluttering your mind and helps with focus. You want your mind to always be in the present and never about the future or past. I personally believe in meditation and all you need is 10 minutes a day!

Stop Watching TV - I don't watch TV. It just has too many news that is mostly negative, war, murders, poverty, etc. Even shows are all pointless, all these gossip and reality shows are just a waste of your hour or 30 minutes of your life. You can allow yourself 1 show a day but to TV surf shouldn't be part of your everyday viewing. I personally just have Hulu and I rarely watch it unless a new episode of SharkTank shows up. By not watching TV, you realize how much time you have to improve your own lifestyle.

Go to the Gym - Your body needs to be stressed, but the stress needs to be beneficial. I go to the gym everyday and my workout consists of 30 minutes to an hour depending on what I am doing. Going to the gym helps build a lot of chemicals in your body. You will feel stronger and better about yourself.

These small actions can help with yourself as a whole. There are other things, smaller action items but I feel these are the most important and should be implemented as soon as you can. Now when you start doing these, you will argue with yourself and you will feel pain. It is a transition, nothing comes easy and transitioning into a better lifestyle is hard. You will be challenged and you want to over take your own lost to be a winner.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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