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Awhile ago I wrote about magazine/newspaper template that bloggers can use. I have great news! I have got in contact with 3 authors and they agree to give out 1 template each. This means I am giving out 3 prizes again! I would like to thank Nathan Rice/ Charity Ondriezek/ Brad Mahaffey to help make this contest available to my readers.

Newspaper/Magazine templates are getting popular and I think 2008 might be a change in the blogging templates, asking for more intricate web designs such as newspaper styles or magazine look a likes. Again these types of templates are all about interaction with the end user. Providing more information in one section, giving them choices.

Today is a great day for my readers and others who may find their blog is in need of a new template. The 3 web designers will provide 1 template a winner who really wants their exclusive premium template. Here are the templates that are up for grabs:

NewsPixel Design:

CornetStone Template:

Art Culture Template:

How Can I win, The Rules:

  1. You will need to write a post about what template you want by simply writing how one of these templates will benefit your site, linking to the authors template website. If you want to win any of the 3 then you can write how News/Magazine style will benefit bloggers.
  2. Leave the URL in the comment below

Increase your Chances of Winning:

  1. (Optional) Within the original post, mention this contest or link back to
  2. (Optional) Subscribe to my Feed to increase your chance of wining the desired template

Choosing the Winner:

  1. I will choose the winner on random
  2. Contest is for 2 weeks and will end February 10th 2008

Good Luck All! I hope to read some new great blogs!

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