How to Build a Craigslist Clone on WordPress Even With Zero Programming Skill you can make money out of it in just a few easy steps.

Do you want to monetize your website by having others place their listings on it like Craigslist but you don’t know how to code?

Do you want to replicate Craigslist on your own site in just easy steps even without any programming skill?

Then what you’ll learn from this post will make your money-making efforts easy and simple.

Your site has the potential to generate profit just like what Craigslist does.

It’s another passive income stream which you can build on your site.. without having to study any programming codes.

Imagine users are posting their listings on yous sites.

All you have to do is approve listings which you will receive through email alerts.

You’ll make money off your site because it has functions like what you see on Craigslist.

AppThemes has developed ClassiPress theme so you’ll benefit from the following features:

Custom Ads Listing Form that allows you to set up pricing with classified advertisement listings so you can monetize your site and make money from the traffic it receives.

Appthemes Builder that lets you customize advertisement listing forms for different categories. Also, you can add new fields, drop useless fields, and manage the entire design of company ads listing forms so you can tailor it to your own preference.

Pricing Models that provide you with the 3 best cost models where you can select percentage, fixed, or category-based ads module. On the other hand, you can offer your consumers free advertisement modules so they can test out free listings within a certain limit before they go premium. So once the free period is over, the user has to go for the paid service to keep his ads running.

Membership Packs that supply you with a built-in panel where you could earn business listing plans on your own. Additionally, it has customized packages so that you can define your own payment plan, unlike other classified directory portals that offer either free or different paid programs that are fixed. ClassiPress theme allows you to set different conditions for each membership pack such as listings restriction, validity period, free ads limit, and much more. Thus, you have the freedom to define your own custom terms.

Ad Management Dashboard gives user dashboard to every new user who wants to record company through your classified website so they can manage their profile after registration. Thus, users can add their business contacts, addresses, photographs, and everything to utilize the profile management page. It is user-friendly. So, your users would love to stay with your service.

The listings will provide features to display attachment files, contacts, services, photos, and everything so those who put their listings on your website can effectively grab visitors’ attention.

Also, the templates are likely to work on tablets, mobile, desktops, and all devices.

Aside from that, a user can even observe all lists that are live, pending listings, and off-site listings at the same place.

How to Create Your Craigslist Clone Site

You’re just 3 easy steps away from monetizing your website.

  1. Download and install the subject.
  2. Customize the entire look for the page based on your needs. You will have 5 color options to choose from. So, pick one that delights you the most.
  3. Adjust pricing models and membership packages. You can set up these preferences with the settings. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

License and Theme Pricing

AppThemes offers two pricing strategies for the theme.

  1. The conventional plan is priced at $69 which includes a lifetime license, unlimited domains, and one year of support and upgrades.
  2. The club program is priced at $199. It provides full access to all themes, marketplace products, unlimited domains, and one year of support and updates.

By having this ‘classified craigslist clone theme’, you’ll get access to powerful features that you can’t find in similar plugins and themes for creating a classified ad site.

It’s an easy solution for anyone who needs to create their own portal for business listings in just a few minutes.

See, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to pay an expensive web developer to create it and manage it for you. Let AppThemes take care of the hassles.

ClassiPress review will provide you with detailed information on how you can benefit from its advanced features.

That’s why you don’t need to be a coding expert.

No need to buy extra classified ads listing plugins or software.

In short, no need to spend a lot of money, time, and effort just to make it work for you.

Because everything was already made simple, easy, yet highly functional.

So you can quickly start your own classified ads platform to earn from listings and advertisements.

Then be ready to experience several possibilities for monetization where you can make a profit from listings, featured listings, banners, and other avenues. ClassiPress offers you various ways to earn money.

Just choose any way you want to earn from your own classified website that ClassiPress theme has for you.

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