WordPress on Ian Fernando??

By Ian Fernando

There are a lot of blogs out there that are using wordpress for their Blogs or just using the platform as a standalone CMS. I have been receiving several emails asking why I do not have an archive or a calendar to check post made on that day.

Now it is hard to explain that the reason why I use a standalone CMS is because I did not want to create an archive, it can be easily searched. Now that since we are moving into Web 2.0 I would like to create an easier way of access to specific posts. I would like to create a website with activity, not just a point click read. Interaction with users should be the key to a great blog.

There are blogs out there that post but are repeated content from articles or ezines, which does not make the blog unique. The reason why my blog is ranked almost always on the first page of specific keyword search is because of unique content and ofcourse keyword diversity. Blogs that are auto generated do not get good ranks as they are duplicate content.

I spoke about how I received a Google Page Rank of 2 within 1 month, 1 month and I already received a PR of 2. It took about 6 months for my other site to get at least a PR of 1! I have improved a lot and now I would like to improve even more by giving the readers what they want. Giving them better access to post and create a sense of interaction between my blog and them.

Currently, I am using a standalone CMS which I can customize anyway I want with CSS and PHP. So you can see now that my blog looks like a blog. I want to start using wordpress and I want to know how much harder it is to use and control. Some say that the coding is very different, you can not just import adsense code you need a plugin, this didn't look good to me and then I read the majority how it has actually helped others with traffic and control.

With a blog I would like to add archives and a calendar, I would like to continue making it more web 2.0, create an interactive blog. Then there are forums that says spam is an issue with wordpress, especially with comments. Which is why I disabled comments on my blog, but looking at some blogs they have spam comment control.

Now my main concern is transferring all my entries into the new wordpress blog system, IF I decided to go with wordpress. So far from what I have been reading on wordpress.org, this system looks promising. I just hope the coding is not as difficult as others have claimed it to be.

If I decide not to use WordPress, I will be re organizing the content on my blog, creating a MORE user friendly interface. Again emails have come in saying my blog is too dark, it should have 'glow' to it. Well again I will provide what the readers want. I will be adjusting my blog layout and structure. Again this will be base off if I decide to get WordPress or not.

Just my main concern will be moving all the entries to my new platform, again if I decide to move away from my trusted CMS that I am currently using. I will be testing wordpress and see how confusing it will be, since others have stated that it is confusing, while so many other says they love it!

Well I will be researching more into wordpress and seeing if its a better CMS than what I am using now.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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