Working Out of an Office Instead of at Home

By Ian Fernando

I got back from Miami this past Tuesday and I started to work in an office, I needed a new environment out of my house and I also needed a space for my admin to work as well. I really don't want her working at my house all the time. Also, she has the ability to work form home as well, but most days I like to communicate verbally instead of just email.

The reason why I think an office fits better is because I do not have to be in my comfort zone, I walk around my house and I tend to stop what i am doing and turn on the TV or chill on the couch. The office gives that sense of environment where you sorta have to work, but puts your mind in focus.

Currently am subletting an area at Launchpad Creatives in New Jersey. The office itself is fairly medium size but has all the necessities an office needs. It has internet, printer, conference room, and writable walls!

The walls are coated or painted in this material that feels like a whiteboard, which is amazing because I can write on a wall! It spans out throughout the whole office. One part of the office has chalk like paint where you write on it with chalk.

I am going to have my NJ Meetup here, the conference room looks like it can fit a good amount of people. Plus the environment is relaxing. The only problem I found which I think is needed, there is no windows in the office.  At my house I can easily look outside and calm my mind if I need to.

The office itself is run by two marketing firm, a marketing strategists and promotional marketer. One aspect why they rent out space in their office is because they want to utilize users who come and go within their office. Personally, I think that would bother me. I am working for a couple days and one of these marketing people comes over and asks questions and maybe even ask to help their clients.

They rent out the space to benefit them. Really interesting concept. I tell you this much me and my admin has been keeping to ourselves most of the time. We usually try not to hand out our own work to them or tasks. But we do engage in conversation with others in the office.

So far the office has made be very productive and I accomplishes a lot of things while I have been working there. Though I am not going to the office everyday, I will go to the office if I need to heavily concentrate on an idea or get a set of agendas done. I can easily control myself and focus on my own, reason why I have a whiteboard. It would be cool to paint my whole office in whiteboard paint though.

....but if I have a ton of work or catch up I will go over to the office and concentrate. Right after I got back from Miami I went straight to the office and banged out work. It is amazing the amount of work that is accomplished by switching environments.

Working for yourself gives you the flexibility to do and work where you want. I can work at my house and be comfortable, on the beach while in Miami, or in an office and be focus.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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