Yaro Starak Blog Profit BluePrint: Review

By Ian Fernando

I can say this is one of the best Beginners Guide to Blogging in a while, and it’s free! This 55 page book goes in depth about:

  1. What Blogging is
  2. Getting traffic
  3. Creating Good Content
  4. Networking
  5. How to Make Money
  6. Much More!

Yaro, goes into speaking about how he has been Blogging for quite some time and has been featured in so many other blogs, such as the very popular ProBlogger.net. He has been taught by popular bloggers and now he has became successful with his blog and has a good weight of blogging experience to show all of us.

Within this 55 page ebook there are formulas for getting huge amount of traffic, one that I think was interesting was the “Compound Effects.” Starting small and receiving big. Compound Effects is very simple and you do it on a day to day basis, but you do not realize it. Yaro, goes in detail explaining how to properly use Compound Effects effectively.

One thing I may start doing is comment marketing. The reason why I say 'start' is because comment marketing can be hard. It can or may be filtered as spam on wordpress blogs. For me sometimes I would have to review some of the comments and make sure they are viewable since they are not spam at all.
Yaro, says this is the most simple most talk about way of blog marketing and it works. But your comments can not be just a “Great Post”, it needs to have value and focus on the topic. Yaro even says to have a consistent routine to leave at least 10 comments on popular related blogs. Comments are like forum post, create a discussion about the topic.

Another strategy is creating great content, especially for a new blog. Blogs that are new should start off with How-To, Reviews, Self Improvement, etc. Articles or post that can better a person are more searched than the standard news. We look for more ways to better ourselves. Such post is called Pillar Articles.

I personally find this very helpful, because how often do you search Google or Yahoo to learn something and how to be better at it? Almost all the time. Yaro goes into detail about these types of content and how it can better help a user, create user relationships, and consistent traffic.

Entering the world of Web 2.0, Yaro even explains to provide readers audio and video. It helps monetize your blog and grabs the attention of users. Providing teleseminars, audio content, video interviews, etc shows a connection of your blog to the world digitally.

Other strategies include using ads, affiliate marketing, in text marketing, using feed burner, and so much more. This eBook even says to treat your blog as a business. So consistency matters if you want to earn money from your blog.

If you only earn 100 dollars one week, 500 another, and back to 100 another week, there is inconsistency. The idea is your suppose to be rising or stay stable. If you are sinking that means something is wrong.

What I found from this is that consistency is key to success. I will be using some of the strategies mentioned within the ebook to help monetize my blog and start grabbing more readers, start earning more money, and becoming more successful!

If you would like to read the 10 ways of optimizing your blog, you can even read my post here.

Blog Profit Blueprint, provided me with great resources and knowledge, there are even 3 videos within the ebook that are very informative and shows you what you can do to start earning money.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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