Your Future is What you Make it

By Ian Fernando

Today, I was visiting my family. I went to the gym with my younger brother and dropped off my sister to work. She is currently going to summer school and my brother will soon too next year. But while I was visiting my family I decided to stop over to my neighbor’s house to see how everything is. I have not been in my parent’s neighborhood for 3 years, and within 3 years things change. I also do not want to forget who I grew up with and I would like to know how everything has been.

Well I rang the doorbell and my neighbor was on her way out with her husband to a dinner, but her 25 year old daughter and her daughter was home. It is funny how the conversations start off, "How have you been?" She is still currently living with her parents caring for her daughter. I told her of my internet business and what I do and plan to do. I explain my goals and things I have accomplished.

Is this considered bragging?

Well I thought I was, because she has a daughter to care for at the age of 25 and going for her masters. While me, I am a drop out, have my own place, and have accomplished more than most of my high school friends. So I thought I was bragging a little bit. Now the conversation goes into her and what she does. I understand her situation, but she is satisfied of just enough to care for her daughter.

Wouldn't you want to do more? Don't you want more from life?

I explained to her that she can start a small home base business at home and care for her daughter and make good income on the internet. Since I know how she is growing up, I expected some negative energy and a role of the "Devils Advocate."

I explained positive energy is what kept me going, it’s the risk of earning potential wealth or the risk of failure. I was willing to take the risk. Again she kept saying this will go wrong etc. She is more concerned of getting a great job with steady salary instead of passive income.

A while back I remember a post about We are What We Think.

I have always believed in the power of positive thinking. We ARE what we think. If you are unhappy right now, try this. Smile. Get up and walk to the window and stretch as you smile. I guarantee that you will detect a change in your negative feelings.

I believe in this statement because positive energy is what moves you and what gets you to success. Always thinking about the negatives about home business creates a cloud of your real potential.

I explained to my neighbor that she needs to change her train of thought as I have once I have grown up. Understanding that she has a daughter and she wants what is best. But creating that cloud to just limit yourself to a salary and a job than a great potential of wealth is absurd to me.

In the past I have taught her web design when I was just 17. She has the potential to create a website and understand what a website can do. Though she kept thinking that a business is taking a loan out and repaying it, I explained a home business you rarely come out of your pocket.

Personally I do not want to work for no one than myself. Steve Pavlina has written a great post about the reasons you should never get a job. He explains that it is too risky to have a job. I believe it because I personally experienced it at my job, they let 200 employees go. These employees were engineers, marketers, videographers, etc. That is when I realize, there is no such thing as a secure job.

Explaining such topic to her was hard as she think she can get a secure job and live comfortably. I explained it will be hard and there is such higher risk with a job. You are putting your MAIN source of income on the line.

The risk of the internet is that you fail at it, but that can be because of the self factors. You do not dedicate time; you do not take it serious. Then she brought a topic of such products that guarantees money within 1 week or overnight success. I explained to her they are scams. Most which guarantees money within 30 days sounds more realistic because you need to work at what you want.

It was hard explaining the life I have and hers. I challenged so many obstacles she threw at me and yet she still threw a curve ball at me, playing the typical Devils Advocate.

Personally and advise her to do is that you need to know what you want in life. Once you find your desire and your reason WHY, then you can guarantee your success at anything. You are what you make it!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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