ZeroPark Push Case Study, Doing a Rip and Run Offer - Low Spend, Positive ROI

By Ian Fernando

I recently started testing ZeroPark push traffic. There are so many sources to test and try out there and I think it is the best way to find the perfect traffic sources for your offer.

In this case, I am doing something that is always being talked about in the affiliate marketing space, and that is rip and run offers, copy-paste offers. In essence, this strategy is called what it is, literally. You find what is currently working and just copy it.

You do need tools to do this strategy for example, Anstrex is a tool I always and have been recommending for a while. It has enough data to show you what is currently working at the traffic source level.

Below is a screenshot of how I start to find some rip and run offers. If you do not have access to Anstrex just yet, I suggest you go ahead and just see what they go to offer.

This screenshot shows 2 things that I specifically look for when I adjust my filters. on Anstrex push ad spy tool.

  • I adjust the days running to at least 4-5 days. When it runs for more than 3 days it tells me the person is putting in the budget to make sure it will work and tells me that it is working
  • I also adjust ad strength sometimes. The higher the number the better the ad has been performing but I play with the adjustments because the strength does go high base on your filters. At times I want it to be above 800, that's how I filter.

That is what I do for filtering profitable offers, I also then filter by the traffic source and countries but that can be up to you on how you are advertising for this push case study I basically did a solid day worth of looking and found the offer I want to test out.

I went to my affiliate network and picked the offer, I created the campaign in ZeroPark and chose push and chose RON. The reason why I chose RON is that I need to build the source and target list.

You can easily ask your account manager what is the best to target, but I tend to let my own data to tell the story.

ZeroPark allows you up to 10 images on a campaign. The image plays the role of the icon and the desktop image. This is where I think ZeroPark is different, their push system does allow multiple creatives under one campaign, unlike other networks.

For example, they allow an icon and the desktop image. There is also some networks that allow you to change the browser icon as well.

So it is important to use the right image for both as an image for the icon will look weird on the desktop and vice versa, especially if the icon is stretched. Now back to the ad creation, I simply just copied the ad text word for word from Anstrex. The headline and the ad body.

Created the campaign and waited for approval.

Pretty much right away spent $12.07 and got 1 conversion and profited $27.92

The first column is visits, leads, payout, cost, profit, the lastly ROI. Remember clicks and ad network stats can be different because of server time zones. I do use a platform that does sync with the traffic network so my stats will be agile to where I set the time zone.

I always start the campaign slowly, usually doing the CPA as my starting daily budget per day. This way I can gauge the sources and targets within Zeropark and start filtering the next day.

Since it converted right away, I might just have the right push source at that time. So I am not playing the congratulations role just yet, so I went ahead and increase the spend the next day to see where it will lead me.

This next screenshot is over the last couple days and I think I need to create a landing page to work with the traffic just a bit. Over the next days, I have been filtering and removing the sources that I didn't think are doing well.

In ZeroPark, I block at the source level just because I think sources are all categorized URLs my assumption.

So you will see the traffic dip and paused, I am going to try another angle and see how that works out. Over the past couple of days, it didn't perform well. Now I have to switch things up and see if a landing page will perform better. Yup, it was a direct link offer as that is what Anstrex showed me while I did my research.

I will continue this mini case study, will update my findings and results as well. Let me know what you think. More to spend and see where things go with Zeropark Push traffic.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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