AdPlexity Review: Helping You Accelerate Your Success in Affiliate Marketing

Are you just beginning in the affiliate marketing space? ..Don’t know yet what to do but excited to take your first steps?

Pause for a while. It would be wise to make yourself aware first of the available tool that can fast-track your success in the affiliate marketing…

…so you’ll avoid wasting your time, money, and efforts.

Who doesn’t want to be able to save resources to make more money?

If you want to know how I did it… Read on..

I’ve been using an ad spy tool that has helped me easily think of effective strategies for my campaign and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

AdPlexity is the ad spy tool that I’ve been using to generate significant profit for my affiliate marketing efforts.

How does this tool help me…

AdPlexity has the ability to provide ad campaigns in native, mobile, and desktop. The first question you might be asking yourself is.. Why should I even use a spy tool?

Spy tools are designed to help you eliminate the burden of manually doing the market research. Before these online marketing tools were created, you would have to do things manually such as…

  1. Manually digging into search engines to find the ads you need.
  2. Doing lots of screenshots.
  3. Creating social profile in a niche that you are not familiar with.
  4. Using VPN to control the type of images and ads you are seeing in each country.
  5. Modifying your search queries to mimic a person.
  6. etc etc etc

Using the ad spy tool, AdPlexity, you will never have to do these exhausting things, so you can focus more on doing what needs to be done. Because AdPlexity will show you the important things you need to do through its relevant data.

You just have to go to the platform and set your parameters then AdPlexity will quickly display all the information you need.

As you can see, I just set up a keyword, number of days it should be running, and I got the valuable insights — the practical information I need to make my campaign successful.

The best part is that AdPlexity will also display the landing pages for you. You’ll have clear ideas about the campaigns you want data on. Because of this ad spy tool, it’s much easier than before.

One strategy is to look at the ad type on the sidebar and see what type of traffic on mobile is working well, with these types of offers it looks like pop-ups. There are data that can be utilized for a general overview of the campaign.

Thus, you have the bird’s eye view of what’s really happening in the successful campaigns out there. This gives you the chance to copy what’s already working to make your own campaign profitable.

Ian, there are other spy tools out there, why should I choose AdPlexity? 

You are right there are multiple tools out there to utilize. Tools are meant to help you get things done faster, providing you with faster results. So you can generate profit fast! Otherwise, do it manually and wait for a long time to have your desired result.

I spoke to the owner of AdPlexity and gave him 5 questions to answer to further dig down on his platform and why this tool is a must for affiliate marketers.

How much data does AdPlexity hold currently in its database?

We can’t say the exact numbers. It’s unreal. AdPlexity covers dozens of popular traffic sources, hundreds of advertisers, and affiliate networks. You can see there detailed data on mobile, native, desktop, and adult campaigns from more than 75 countries.

You see, this figure is clearly a reliable basis for the right pattern you need.

The database is being updated constantly and keeps growing.

Can a beginner affiliate start making money right away from just a single use of AdPlexity?

It depends on the beginner’s ability to make sense of the data he can gather from AdPlexity. But generally, it’s indeed possible for a beginner affiliate to start making money right away with the help of this ad spy tool.

Through AdPlexity, you will be able to discern which networks, offers, landing pages, countries, ad formats, and traffic sources are the most relevant at that moment. These insights will allow you to create your own successful campaign.

If the beginner is lucky enough and manages to copy a successful campaign by one of the top-affiliates, the probability of profit increase will be sky-high. Though, as you know, blunt copying seldom brings jaw-dropping results. You should always use your head and try to make something unique on the basis of other affiliates’ campaigns.

Thus, it’s not really about copying. Instead, it’s about getting valuable ideas which you can tailor to fit your own campaign. If a particular strategy works for others, then it would be worth trying.

All in all, it’ll be tough to make your entrance in the industry without a handy spy tool. It’s vital for you to learn as much as possible about the market and your competitors. That’s what AdPlexity can provide for you in just a few clicks.

Is this geared towards shady offers only? Can an affiliate find other offers to promote as a white hat campaign?

It is applied to all existing offers. Shady offers are so attractive because they can bring you a potentially higher ROI. But these days, tons of offers and verticals adopt white hat as the key to success and stability.

Basically, AdPlexity stands for huge storage with plenty of offers. We do not divide them into black hat or white-hat ones. An experienced affiliate knows well what to look for and has no troubles finding it. You just have to educate yourself about the right metrics that you should set for your business.

What is the best way to find the best offers/niche to promote right away?

Here are some basic search tips…

  1. Don’t restrict yourself from monitoring other GEOs as well. Who says that it won’t work if you take certain style/design from X country, swap text/ translations and run it in Y country?
  2. Don’t restrict yourself from monitoring other offers/products in the same vertical/niche. If a banner and/or landing page works for X app install offer, who says it won’t work for Y app?
  3. Don’t restrict yourself from monitoring other traffic types. AdPlexity is the only tool that supports popups, mobile, web and in-app ads under one roof. Who says it won’t work if you take an LP running for an in-app ad and try it for popups?
  4. I’d strongly advise to seek offers that have been in the rotation for at least a few days (but not older than 10 to 14 days) and sort them by “Received most traffic”. These are the options that have performed pretty well and still work.
  5. Remove non-affiliate landing pages from results to avoid branding campaigns.
  6. Study up the data in the filters. But there are no exact instructions. The market changes extremely fast; and everybody has their own strategy, budget, and niche. Depending on your experience, you can try different methods to discover successful campaigns. Maybe you could look for GEOs with a lower number of results in the spy tools, meaning the competition is lower there. Maybe you decide not to run on a certain traffic source in a big GEO because it’s gonna be too competitive. AdPlexity provides the ocean of data. All other things are up to you and how you dissect the data we provide to you.

I have seen spy tools come and go, are you compliant or work closely with the traffic networks to assure your service will not be interrupted in the future?

Of course, we strive to get across to all our partners. Previously, our service has witnessed the same negative attitude as many other spy tools before.

But now, thanks to the popularity of our product, many partners are interested in seeing their network in the filters and search results of AdPlexity. This means that AdPlexity is deemed as an ad placement. Obviously, it’s a win-win situation.

I want to thank Alex for the quick response on these questions.

Knowing what this ad spy tool can do to help you reach your goal fast in affiliate marketing, I have a coupon code for AdPlexity which you can use right now! ianfernando – it’s my name!

On the checkout process, use ianfernando as the coupon code when purchasing AdPlexity. This is giving you 25% off the price for Desktop and Mobile.

Don’t let yourself be burdened with the exhausting steps to manually do your market research. Time is money. So, avail yourself of the fast service which AdPlexity can offer.

You’re just a few clicks away from seeing powerful strategies of successful campaigns. So you can adopt those for your own advantage. That’s how you fast-track your affiliate marketing success!

Ian Fernando

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