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A REAL Step by Step Guide For Building a Single Profitable Affiliate Page
If you have never built an affiliate marketing campaign or landing page then this section of the internet is for you.
Simple Steps to Do Affiliate Marketing...

What You Will Learn Today:

Understanding the basic concpets of Affiliate Marketing. This is the real understanding of what online marketing is and what media buying is.

Videos of me interacting with the tools and the full aspect of what affiliate marketing is.
How to find offers and landing pages that are already profitable. All we need to do is replicate

How to take those profitable landing pages and upload it to a platform to host it for you. No need for hosting or learning teh technical HTMLs and CSS.

Understand how to use click tracking platforms to track your revenue, profits, and clicks.
Finally buying the traffic and setting it up on aa traffic source that sells clicks for less than a penny.
Ian Fernando is someone that has grown to be considered one of the BEST! His knowledge of funnel optimization, monetizing traffic, paid media are only a few things that set Ian apart from the rest.
Rodney Granderson
Digital Marketing Manager
I met Ian few times at events and I also did his interview on my blog, his knowledge in affiliate marketing specially Facebook ads is in-depth, he is Facebook ad expert and the kind of knowledge he deliver on his blog is superb.
Jitendra Vaswani
Bloggers Idea


Sometimes it is hard to put knowledge into action. This page will give you a solid course of action to implement the basics when it comes to affiliate marketing. Please overview the videos below closely and you will be on your way to earning online in no time. These are fundamental things that every successful affiliate marketer needs as a foundation to make money. These things are outlined below:
1. Spy on Profitable Campaigns
Don't start from scratch. Find what is working and try to replicate it. Find the right offer and landing page combination to see profit right away.
Start Ad Spying
2. Upload Landing Pages
If you are NOT technical then this drag and drop strategy will allow you to host any landing page to start sending traffic. Landing pages are important to presell users.
Upload Landing Pages
3. Setup Tracking System
Tracking is the critical part of affiliate marketing. It allows you to see your spend and what ad placements have been profitable for your ad campaign.
Setup Click Tracking
4. Run Cheap Traffic
Facebook and Google are great traffic sources, but it can be expensive. I always tell everyone to start with sources that are cheaper than a penny!
Buy Cheap Traffic
Keep in mind this page explains the basics of getting started, the foundation of your affiliate business. It does not give a full scope but will give you the idea of what online marketing entails.


Sometimes it is easier to just find out what is already working online. We just have to do some research and analyze the data to make sure we find the most profitable campaign out there.

Someone Did the Work, Just Find Out What is Spending and Start Making Profits.

Ad spying isn't anything new, but it does give us an advantage to see what is working out there. We just need to look at the data and understand how it works.
If we find an offer and creative that is constantly advertising that means it has to be profitable because why is the ad buyer spending money if it isn't. We will know the exact ad copy, the exact creative, and the exact offer to promote right away.


Landing pages allows us to filter ad traffic. We want to make sure we get paid and advertisers are paying you for the quality of the lead or conversions. This is why we use a single static landing page.

No Need for a Domain or Hosting. Just Upload and Send Traffic.

No need to understand what a HyperText Markup Language is. You simply just pick a landing page from their pre build library and start sending traffic.
This tool allows you to qualify your traffic. Not every click is actionable. We use landing pages to assure the affiliate network and advertiser that we are vetting the click and they are interested in the offer we are promoting. If we send bad leads, we may not get paid for them. This is why a landing page is important before we send them to the offer. It validates the action of the user.


Tracking is a critical part of your affiliate campaign. It allows you to understand your traffic and where it is coming from. The data a tracker holds is super important because it allows you to dive in and understand how the click reacted to your ads and landing pages.

Ad Spend is Important. What is MORE Important are Your Placements.

Where did the click come from? Were they on a desktop or mobile device? What kind of browser were they on? This type of data allows us to segment and target for conversions.
A tracking platform allows you to segment traffic sources, affiliate offers, even by browser and time of day. The data a tracker holds is literally gold. Why do you think Facebook knows so much about you, it is because they have data. A tracking platform acts in the same way but we do not know the name but we can aggregate all the clicks and find the perfect combination to create a profitable campaign.


Now we need to buy traffic. We need to buy eyeballs. We need to buy clicks. This is where the fun starts. Your dopamine and adrenaline rushes when a conversions comes in, an amazing feeling.

Facebook and Google are Great, but Make Ad Buying Easier with Cheaper Traffic.

Google and Facebook gets too complicated for a person starting out. There are too many algorithms you need to understand when advertising on their platform.
We will start on a basic BUT highly engaging traffic, Push advertising. It is cheap, almost less than a penny at times and it is highly engaging. The only number you will need to know is your spend. There is no 3 second video view statistic, engagement algorithm you need to understand, or even look a likes to fathom. You are buying clicks and we just have to filter those clicks through the tracker.

So What is Next After I Buy the Traffic?

This is really only the very beginning. I have been doing this for over a decade and there is always new methods and techniques to learn.

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