Anstrex Review: An Ad Spy Tool That Tracks Ad Creatives Across Multiple Push Ad Networks

By having this spy tool for push notification ads, you’ll know exactly what’s currently working out there, so you can go with the pattern and be on top of the game. 

To be successful in any field, you just have to copy what successful people are doing. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be a duplicate. But it does mean that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just need the pattern. 

What’s already working for other successful businesses might also work for your own business. By having ideas on what your top competitors are currently doing, you can pattern your own strategy to theirs to achieve the same result. Also, you can tweak or develop it so you’ll be able to exceed their results. 

In online advertising, guessing is not the name of the game. Sure, you’ll need to test strategies. But planning with a blindfold is a no-no. It will only make you lose money on advertising. 

Imagine, you have strategies that were carefully thought of. You are confident that it’s gonna work because you think it’s indeed creative, persuasive, and practical. But only to find out soon that it doesn’t generate profit. The expense is bigger. 

To avoid this loss, you need a Push Ad Spy Tool that will give you accurate data on what’s going to work for your ads. You will see what other successful campaigns are doing. That is what Anstrex spy tool for push notifications ads can do for you. 

Having access to the data will give you insights on how you can create successful ads, too. There are lots of data which you can access through this Push Ad Spy Tool.

What is Push Notifications?

Push notification ads are the latest and greatest in advertising that are based on push notification channels built into every mobile device sold today. 

It is now available on tablets and desktops. Users who receive push ads have subscribed and have given explicit permission to receive your ads. 

Though Anstrex Push Spy Tool is new, it already has a huge amount of data which can provide you with valuable insights needed for you to make a wise business decision. 

These are the traffic networks Anstrex Spies On.

Without this tool, acquiring these data is not easy because it entails great effort, time, and other resources. In addition, you can’t ensure the accuracy of the information you obtained. 

That’s why Antsrex makes it easy for you..

You are now released from the burden of using up all your resources just to get the necessary data. 

And to make things fairly quick, here is a video review and walk-through of the Anstrex Push Notification Ad Spy Tool: 

Anstrex spies all ad creatives across multiple push ad networks.

  • Connected with all the top ad-networks like Mega Push, Propeller Ads, RichPush, DatsPush, and more. 14 in total.
  • Data from 92 Countries.
  • Powerful Analytics
    • Creatives
    • Daily Activity
    • Other Creatives Used (Past and Present)
    • All Used Landing Pages (Past and Present)
    • All Ad-Networks Used - Shows the good vs the bad with these networks.
    • Device Targeting
    • Country Targeting
  • CPC Complete Bid History
  • Unlimited Alerts On Competitors

Here is a quick comparison to other spy tools out there. Anstrex isn't the first tool, but definitely the best tool out there just because of the data it has, the landing page optimizer, and plus it is part of their Native platform!

Anstrex is the all-in-one tool that will allow you to.. 

  • Rip and download land pages that are already working. So you can have a pattern for your own set-up of a successful campaign. 
  • Edit, customize, optimize, compress, and deploy these pages on your server so you can boost your campaign performance. That’s power at your fingertips that saves you time, effort and money. 
  • See the bidding history, understand and make sense of the data so you can come up with smarter decisions in your media buying strategy. This in turn, can save you money and boost your revenue bucket! 

This screenshot is from my account showing the bid history for a particular ad of a particular push ad network. 

Though it doesn’t have bid history for every traffic source, it does capture most of it. This specific data shows you how competitive it can be for your ads to be seen. If you see an ad that has been live for more than 7 days, then it is probably making money. So you can copy and develop the strategies to achieve or exceed their results. 

This is where this bid history comes in handy because you can see how competitive it is. This information in itself is valuable so you can determine which push traffic source is costing more or less CPC. 

That is just one of the benefits of using Anstrex Push Ad Spy Tool. If you have Anstrex Native Spy Tool, then the rest of the interface will be easier and more beneficial.

..Especially the landing page editor and ripper. They are built into push ad spy tool which allows you to:

  • Work on your competitors landing page and push it to your servers. 
  • Have the tool to clean and optimize it as well. 

I can go on and on about this tool. I use it myself to get an upper hand on the competition but the creative aspect is where it becomes valuable. 

You get to see what other successful campaigns are currently doing and you can expand on what they have. So you’ll get ahead of them. This will help you generate more profit. 

You need this tool for your everyday campaigns. Or else, you will miss out on bigger and more effective avenues.

Ian Fernando

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