Rob Hustle Introduces ShoeMoney's LinkControl

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate Summit is real entertaining. Especially the one in Las Vegas, just because you have girls that you want to touch. Shoemoney had a session introducing his new product, LinkControl. It is a private invite only currently and it basically helps you control your links. Shoemoney gave out over 800 invites, that means there were over 800 attendees to his session to see what he got cooking up.

Before Jeremy even spoke, he had Rob Hustle rap an intro with some Las Vegas girls! It was a really good performance and lyric wise as well. If you have not seen the introduction video here it is below. If you do not know who Rob Hustle is then you are just a lost person in this space we call affiliate marketing. Check him out below and the girls behind him.


After the intro, Shoemoney goes into further detail about his tool. I can say it is pretty impressive, knowing I got something minimal and custom for my own links. The one aspect I really like are some of the great features such as referrer and Genetic Algorithim Shoemoney has implemented. I think this is something that is truly amazing.

The referrer control is always something amazing and in the past Jeremy always talks about. I have heard him speak about it in the past and referrer traffic as each source caters to a specific audience. So it is important to cater to that audience to leverage from. The genetic algorithim is something really unique and I think it will definitely help increase the user experience and make affiliates more money.

I believe it looks at conversions and then adjust rotation values to promote the right offer to the right demographics or audience. I am still uncertain how specifically it works but it sounded real amazing. According to the Jeremy it is a 17% increase when it came to his own campaigns.

Another aspect is the advisory board that was mentioned. Some well known affiliates in the space are part of his advisory board and will help LinkControl get to where it needs to be. For example, Missy Ward is part of the advisory board, Jonathan Volk, and Ad Huslter - you know he will speak his mind. There are other great name on the board, but these 3 I think will have the bigger influence especially in the industry we ar in.

If you miss the Shoemoney session introducing his new tool, check out his video below:

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