Product Launch: Creating a YES Funnel

By Ian Fernando

How do you monetize traffic? As an affiliate I found I needed to filter traffic to more serious users. The reason why I use landing pages. It filters out bad traffic, well I kinda learned you have to do that a product launch as well but a little more in-depth. What I mean is you want users that will take action. It all starts from the pre launch, you want users that are always interested in what you have to say or even buy your product.

Well I call this the YES Funnel, just because you want users to say yes all the time. From the beginning you catch your traffic you want them to say yes in some sort of way, entering their email address in an optin, giving them a discount price, asking for a retweet, or something easy like letting them watch a video without anything in return.


By creating a YES funnel you keep their attention until your show them a price of your product or what ever you want to show them on launch. Having users say yes every time you show them something keeps users interested. Let us take a look at this simple funnel:

  1. Watch my free video > no sign up
  2. grab a free tip tactic > optin
  3. new video on how to use ...
  4. leave a comment on a blog
  5. retweet video to view
  6. etc..

So every time I send them some sort of content I can ask for an action in return or just show them the information without any action in return, this is called reciprocity. By simply giving things away or having users say yes to all your actions, they feel they need to do something in return - like maybe buy your product on launch day!

But most of the time they will always say yes to any of your actions, as long as it suites them. I have been doing a lot of twitter training and videos and I ask for a retweet before viewing my video and a good percentage will retweet it. This is giving me extra traffic and it is being exchanged by me giving out free and helpful content.

A YES funnel in affiliate marketing is basically a bridge page or jump page for potential users to click through to the offer page. It filters out traffic. But with affiliate marketing there is no chance to create trust with as a longer YES funnel, such as from pre launch to launch to post launch.

Once you create a trust factor most of your users will feel inclined to help you with your endeavors because you have provided excellent content in the past and they do not mind just spreading the word, reason is because they want to share as well.

There are many ways to create a yes funnel, you just have to capture that lead right away by either optins or showing a video for free without optins. If they do not optin they may return if your content is good. RSS readers are considered yes users, because they return and read your blog.

With a pre launch and going into a launch you need and want people that will participate with you, always saying yes to what you have to give them. The reason is because on launch they will be so programmed in saying yes they will buy!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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