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Wise Beyond Clicks: Embracing Maturity in the Online World of Marketing

As I get older, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable journey of growth and change - not just personally, […]

Getting Perspective of my Businesses: a Mind and Journey Reset

Currently, I am in Medellin, Colombia. I am here because I miss traveling and being stagnant has kept my brain […]

The Main Reason I Switched from Apple iPhone to a Google Pixel is because of the Ecosystem

Recently I decided to upgrade my Apple iPhone 6 to a Google Pixel 3. It has been a while since […]

Entrepreneurship Depression - How I Personally Got Out of the 3 Month Funk and Steps You Can Take

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to have an open discussion about entrepreneurship depression. I have personally been through this […]

Throwback Thursday, My First 6 Figure Year as an Affiliate #tbt

It is Throwback Thursday and I wanted to share a screenshot I took as an affiliate. This was a year […]

My 2015 Mistake that Lost Me 130k because of Our Ever Changing Industry

2016 a brand new year. I have learned a lot in the past and especially with such rapid growth in […]

Traveling and Your Work Load - Control Your Time

Currently in Cambodia. I posted a while back that I am traveling Asia for a year. Integrating work and travel was […]

Lasek, Clearly the Worst Decision I Made, Recovery Wise.

Recently I got Lasek Surgery done and let me tell you it is the best decision I made. The only […]

#TBT, My First Clickbank Checks. We All Start Somewhere.

#TBT (ThrowBack Thursday)  is a popular trend it seems on Instagram, so I decided to make a post with the […]

Austin to Houston and the Day Before #ASC12

Texas is BIG, I mean really BIG. A couple days ago I posted I was flying to Texas and guess […]

Just Got Back from Puerto Rico, Weekend of Adventures

Yesterday, I got back from Puerto Rico. I stayed a couple more days right after the Puerto Rico Meetup. Traveling […]

Having Fun with iMacros - Auto Bookmarking

Lately there is a lot of talk about SEO and the Panda - honestly, I have no clue what the […]
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