How to Create a Push Ad Campaign on RichPush Traffic Network

By Ian Fernando

I recently started advertising on RichPush Push platform. So far I am impressed with the traffic (Push) as I started converting on it already with just a small test, international traffic. This will be an introduction to how to set up a campaign on the RichPush platform.

RichPush has a unique backend and bidding platform as well. There are unique options that I feel some other ones that I have tested in the past do not have. Every push network has the typical campaign setup of creatives, country, impressions, device targeting, day parting, etc. RichPush has something called micro bidding which is very unique I think.

Micro bidding is increasing your bid base on several categories such as creative or device. I will go into that a bit later but let start by setting up a basic campaign with RichPush.

To get started make sure you sign up here. You then chose if you want to advertise on Push, Native, or Pop. Once signed up, you are introduced to a new dashboard actually. When I signed up, I got in while they were just transitioning their new interface. I do not know what the old interface looked like but this is a very clean interface.

Basic Creative Setup

First, you will enter the campaign link that you have generated through your affiliate tracker. If you are using Google Analytics, you can auto pass UTM tags. Since we are using an affiliate link tracker this isn't really necessary.

When creating the creatives, I always tend to start with 3-5 creatives first. Now, there are 2 parts to upload. An icon and a bigger image dimension that if pushed to a Windows PC, it will show a bigger picture. This is where the 3-5 creatives come into play. When you are tracking your creatives, you want to make sure you pass these creative IDs to your tracker.

This will allow you to see if an icon or an image of an offer is better. I found it to be almost be a split between icons and standard image creatives. So this is important to test.

Country and Device Targeting

Next, there is a section where you can add the networks postback to your tracker to send back. If you are going to use the CPA goal within the network, they will need the data to optimize the campaign. This is another feature not many push networks have, RichPush will auto adjust the base of your campaign off a CPA goal.

... since you need data to start, let's pick the country source and the device to target. RichPush also allows individual regions to be targeted as well. Not all push networks have the ability to do this, as most are all broad targeting.

You can choose what devices you want to target and even the version types. You can specifically choose the browser, device type, and OS versions. This is important because once you have the data you can start to pick and chose where to advertise on.

This is where RichPush micro-bidding can come in handy. You can increase bids to certain devices or OS and decrease others. This allows you to concentrate on what is working and then still get some volume to the others to make sure you are not missing out.

Week and Day Parting

Dayparting is important!

This is all going to be base on your data. I usually advertise all day and slowly start to turn off hours or days that are not getting any clicks. Now, this is another section where RichPush gives you the option to advertise, you can spend your budget right away or evenly. I always chose even because I want the ads to be displayed throughout the day.

This allows you to see a bigger picture, instead of feeding your ad as fast as possible, RichPush feeds your ads or tries to throughout the day. The first day I set my budget to 100$ and it only spent 60$, but I got enough good data throughout the day to decide how it will work.

Some of the push networks just serve your ad as long as you are the winner in the bidding pool. Sometimes it isn't good because you might get an hour of inactive potential users.

Creating a Blacklist or Whitelist

Another important factor is black and white listing your campaigns. Doing this for mobile isn't as affective as blacklisting or whitelisting the publisher IDs as mobile devices refreshes their ip all the time. You can remove device properties and carriers. There is a section to block publisher ID which is more powerful especially if you are doing mobile.

Now, you will have to determine your rules on how you want to block certain publisher IDs. Whether it be LP CTR, AD CTR, EPC, etc. Your data will be the one to tell you the story. Once you have the data you can start even using the most unique feature of RichPus, micro bidding.


RichPush micro bidding allows you to make a custom bid for a segment and treat it differently within your campaign. There are 13 parameters which you have to combine to increase or decrease bids.

The structure is the following: parameter:value:operation with a bid.

sub_list_identer an Subscribers List ID, e.g. 1197sub_list_id:1197:-0.2
publisher_identer a publisher ID, e.g. 48965publisher_id:48965:+1
site_identer a site ID, e.g. 41563site_id:41563:/0.5
carrierenter a carrier, e.g. SFRcarrier:SFR:+0.4
devicemobile, computer, tablet, otherdevice:mobile:*0.4
connection_typeenter a connection type: wifi, cellular, ethernetconnection_type:wifi:-0.1
ISPenter an Internet provider, e.g. Orangeisp:orange:+0.1
OSenter an operating system, e.g. android 6os:android 6:-0.9
weekdayMO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SUweekday:fr:*0.4
hourput the number from 0 to 23hour:15:-0.3
ipenter an IP, e.g.
region / city / zipregion / city / zipregion:ca:+0.1
creative_identer a creative id, e.g. 38746creative_id:38746:+0.7

Here is an example they posted on their website describing their micro bidding feature:

Example 1
Let’s say your target CPA is $2.5. Android 8 is the most converting OS, but the overall CPA is $2.9. Typically people think about blacklisting, but blacklisting Android 8 will cut 78% of traffic. Reducing CPC just for Android 8 i.e. by 20% would be a much better solution.

I am currently testing this and will see the results if I see a big difference. I think this will be very helpful if it does what it is intended too.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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