Superior Research Like a Keyword Rockstar

By Ian Fernando

So many keyword tools out there and your all confused on what to chose. I have been wanting to write this post a while back but I just didnt have time or it was just delayed or I was side tracked, or I didn't want to share this crazy tool to you guys. But this keyword tool is one crazy motherfricker! It is called Keyword Rockstar.

Now I talked a lot about other keyword tools and I have my thoughts on others while I support a lot of really good ones. Today, I have this other crazy tool that does almost all the tools out there. It expands off the Google Keyword tool and does even more.

Jon Shugart has created this crazy keyword tool that does what most of the keyword tools does. The problem is with these multiple keyword tools, they either focus on one thing or several other smaller features. But Keyword Rockstar has multiple functions and does a hell of a lot of work.


When Jon hit me up to grab a copy before anyone else, I was hesitant because I already had a great selection of keyword tools I use. Then again, Keyword research is all base on someone else's experience and how they go about doing it. So I decided to see how Jon thinks when he does his keyword research. I grab a copy and started playing with it. First of all Jon is a great technical and provides superb support when I needed it.

The software itself is a downloadable file and it runs on your PC. Now, this keyword system is meant for users who use Google AdWords a lot. It also looks very complicated but it really isn't. There is a step by step way to go and use this system. But it does a bunch of things that all the keyword tools do:

  • Keyword research (Google Adwords)
  • A bit like a campaign builder
  • Competition spy
  • Keyword analyst - in depth usage of  a keyword
  • banner generator for GCN
  • Find sites to target for GCN

Keyword Rockstar uses the data from Google Keyword Tool and then excavates them, to find you perfect keywords. It also rotates and re populates the list, always growing your keywords and always finding your long tail keywords that makes senses. Now the best thing about this app it is base on real time stats. So it finds ads that are running currently and will give you a 6 month back trend of how the keyword performed.


So this is a very ultimate keyword platform tool. I talked and speak of other tools highly, this is another tool that I will be speaking of highly as well. There is also a bunch of filters you can chose from base on the type of results you want. This make things a bit easier for you to start seeing the type of keywords that will make you money instead of filtering out through a bunch of keywords.

With the filters giving you can:

  • Get Adwords Stat
  • Total ad count and see the 1st page ads
  • Availability of Placement (GCN)
  • Commercial Intent (if you do not know what this is go to MSN Labs) A great plus!
  • Their Own Rockstar Ranking

Once you decide the filters and see what you want to look at, you get to go in depth with the system. You get to dig deeper and see the ads, see the keywords, see the site targeted sites. It has a lot of information even it has done a TON of work.This system even has proxy support!

The system also has a campaign builder! I haven't used it as I use my own campaign builder platform. But I think I may start to use it since it is an all in one platform. Literally, it is. It is like having a melting pot of keyword tools and campaign builders at your finger tips. Though having too many eggs in one basket can be a bad thing, I think Jon has thought this all out and created a perfect software for PPC search marketers.

So when running this you will have to just turn on your PC let it run and just let it run until it completes it's task. The tasks are base off the filters you are providing to it. If you start using it out of the box, it will run forever. Again, this is another tool I will be using and talking about and recommending in the near future.

As you can see it looks very complex, but it really isn't. Jon has a great tutorial on how his software works and is only limiting users to his keyword tool system. If you are really interested in his keyword platform let me know as I can def work something out with Jon about his keyword tool, if you are seriously going to use it.

Soon I will have Jon on a podcast to talk more indepth about this and maybe do a webinar about it as well. Not sure yet, but the podcast is a definite thing I want to do with Jon.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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