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Easily Generate AI Transcription and Sentiment Analysis for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Since starting pay per call campaigns last year, at the end of 2022, I've been intrigued by the idea of […]

TikTok Ad Spying: How to Legally Steal Top Ads in Your Industry

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The short-form video app now has over 1 billion monthly […]

ClickFlare Review: The Ultimate Affiliate Tracking Platform Out Right Now

In the past, I have extensively reviewed and compared various affiliate tracking platforms in order to provide recommendations on the […]

BeeHiiv API Integration: Creating a Custom PHP Webhook to Connect to any Form

As a digital marketer, I was looking for a way to send leads from custom opt-in forms on my website […]

Looking for ad accounts? Service provider Scrooge Frog will solve your problem!

No one will understand you better than another media buyer! It was the guys from Scrooge Frog who started their […]

How To Use QuillBot AI and Ad Spy Tools To Run Profitable Campaigns

In this post, I will discuss how to use QuillBot AI in combination with some of my favorite ad spy […]

Anstrex Review: Full Breakdown of How to Use Anstrex Native and Push Spy Tool

Anstrex Spy Tool is handy for keeping a close eye on your competitors' native and push ads. Today, we are […]

RedTrack Review: a True Affiliate Tracking Platform for the Expert Media Buyer?

Lithuania based affiliate tracking platform has the goal of helping media buyers and affiliate marketers get higher ROI in their […]

Voluum Review: Affiliate Tracking that is Constantly Evolving

Voluum is considered a veteran in the world of affiliate trackers. This belief probably stemmed from the fact that this […]

Binom Review: Self-Hosted Affiliate Tracker for Professional Media Buyers

Out of all the affiliate trackers mentioned in this article, Binom is the only one that is self-hosted. This basically […]

BeMob Review: Campaign Link Tracking for Affiliate Beginners

BeMob is an affiliate tracker that lets you optimize your campaigns and filter them with over 15 parameters.  It’s an […]

Which Affiliate Tracking System Should You Chose? Here is a Comparison Chart

I wanted to create a simple comparison and discussion about which tracker you should start with. It all varies on […]

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