Think Beyond the US when it comes to Monetizing Traffic in the Financial Niche

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Discussion in 2017 on ways to drive traffic monetization higher in all sectors, including the financial niche, centers on the ever-expanding mobile market and greater use of social media. Sure, both traffic sources are becoming more and more relevant but the discussion should not end there. There’s another opportunity US affiliates tend to overlook particularly in the financial niche is the potential for monetizing international traffic via affiliate marketing.

"Think globally, act locally" was a slogan first bandied about in the 70s. It marked, in part, the first wave of awareness of globalization.  There is nothing more global than the internet, so let’s switch the phrase around – "act locally, think globally" and apply it.

It is well-known, affiliate marketing is extremely popular in the financial niche particularly when it comes to payday loan affiliate programs which are among the most lucrative and therefore the most competitive. Nowhere is that competition stronger than in the US market. This is where ‘think globally’ comes in.

The internet knows no borders and for affiliates, your region, state, or the country are not the only places you should focus on when it comes to monetizing your site and giving you the edge over the competition. That is especially true if your site receives international traffic. If this is the case, you should consider accepting international affiliates as an untapped supply beyond US borders you can use to drive revenue from traffic.

Here are some concrete ideas to harness monetization to make the most of international traffic:

Step one: Do your research

You should research thoroughly before leaping into monetizing international traffic. There are variations in the rules and regulations globally, so you need to clarify you do not violate local market legislation. In the UK for example, the laws regarding cookies are very strict and affiliates have to adhere to them, or face heavy penalties. Each country also has its own laws regarding financial practices. Be sure to review all the steps you should take to ensure you are compliant when entering new marketplaces.

Step two: Global platforms

A great way of connecting with buyers looking for a global audience is by using an SSP. The aggregate global demand and presents an effective way you can start testing the value of your international traffic. Bear in mind the pricing for international inventory may be not be fundamentally with a site’s local country. However, high viewability, quality standards and fraud-free inventory – are vital drivers to higher CPMs, fill rates and total revenue. The types of ad placements you run on your site may of course yield higher results; you are most likely to get higher CPMs from quality high impact ad placements. This is especially true, if your user base and content are what global brands are looking for.

Step three: Build partnerships

To help break into a new market, work with your current affiliate platform for monetization partner to help you drive revenue for your international inventory. The size of their global footprint in key world markets will convey validity to your international traffic; bring trust and open doors to new markets. Creating a partnership with your affiliate’s monetization platform also lessens the stress of devising your day-to-day business transactions.

Step four: Understand your international visitors

It is important for you to understand your site visitors’ geographic locations and pay attention to the countries that send visitors your way. Be sure to share this data with your partners, both affiliate monetization platforms and SSPs, to ensure they provide ads to the relevant international audiences and analyze appropriate demand. Targeted ads that are relevant should lead to better performance and, in turn, higher CPMs.

Jared Morgan, an award winning trained journalist in his native New Zealand, he has amassed 13 years’ experience in print and online writing and editing. Through his career, he has broadened his experience base to cover all aspects of content creation.

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