An Angry Contestant in Nebraska

By Ian Fernando

As you know I am on a specific show and I have my opinions on the show. I just posted up a video and I have a lot of serious issues with the show. You probably can read more specifics from Paul at UberAffiliate as he has big opinions about the show and I will approve it. But basically being on a reality show with a very low budget and everything being endorsed will not run very well, you are relying on other peoples money. OPM is a big part in marketing but this is something big, you will have t risk some money.

I came into this show to test my skills against other marketers and affiliates, I was surprise by some of the contestants. John Chow also agrees with my opinions as you can see from his post. John also points to server issues as you can tell from his post:

Well, it doesn’t matter how big your bandwidth is. Unless you’re Google or Microsoft, you’re not going to be able to stream an 800MB file. Anyone logging onto to the TAC site to watch the show was greeted by a waiting to buffer notice.

But there are several aspects of the show I do not like at all or did know about the show:

  • Business Model - WOW is all I have to say. Thor is so much smarter than this and I was surprised when I first heard the concept, which is to "make as much money as you can." That is it, there is not rules on that just make as much money as you can. Also we had to use our own money to try to make money. Why would I risk my money to help make the show money! It would have been better if our gurus taught us something and we run with it, like a 'challenge'. I came into the challenge, assuming it would be a real reality show, given a challenge and to bank on that challenge. The challenge was literally "make as much money as you can in 24 hours."
  • Is it about learning? - Right now I can not say a lot of things but from the first episode, you do not learn anything. We had a couple things going and so did ShoeMoney, but it was not posted on the videos.
  • Location - Nebraska is an ok place, definitely not my atmosphere. I had feelings of being shot or lynched. Some food were strange, like a Runza - which can only be compared to a microwavable White Castle. Nebraska has it's highlights, but the night life sucks. Everything closes at about 12:30 and the lights are shut. I mean I almost got into a damn fight out here!
Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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