Cleaning Up My Context Link - Dead Links

By Ian Fernando

Today, I was just going through one of my DB queries and I decided to clean up one of my DBs which takes specific keywords and turns them into a link of my choice. The plugin I use to do this is aLinks, which converts specific keywords into a link of my choosing. I like this specific plugin because I can insert affiliate links within my text for specific keywords, I do not have to insert URL for these repeated words.

The problem that I was having is some links were dead and some reader question the multiple links within the context. I look again at my website and literally just stared at a random post, trying to find an annoyance and errors. I did not find anything annoying with the exception of the amount of links that are distributed among the post. One reader stated the link properties were not showing on the bottom bar of their browser, I purposely hid it - cloaking. I left the cloaking a lone and I then decided to filter out specific keywords and remove dead links.

First, the reason why I have context links for affiliate programs is because content is good/excellent information. Readers take links within post more serious than those that are exposed to the sidebars labeled "Featured" or "Sponsors." Links within content is very powerful simply targeting specific keywords to targeted niche products can result to sales. I have used aLinks ever since this blog has started and I found it to be very powerful.

There are other companies such as Kontera that does similar things to content. Kontera turns specific targeted keywords and turns them in to contextual ads. It provides images, information, and even streams depending on the keyword it targets. In turn if someone clicks on such an ad I get paid, it is on a per click basis.

There is also an Amazon Product Preview and Context Links. This is a CPA version of Kontera. This displays a description and image of the product. This is really good for the user because it gives them a virtual window of what is to be seen on the next page if clicked on. With you are not paid on a per click basis but on the action the end user takes, for example purchasing the item.

Another one is by Chitika, called Linx. It is a mix of Kontera and Amazon Product Preview. With Chitika you are paid on a per click basis. These are physical products being shown, just like Amazon, you are just paid per click, like Kontera.

Chitika does work well with physical type of websites or blogs. For example: tech blogs, tech forums, review websites, etc. Any site that deals with physical item, Chitika is right for you!

Now, why not get paid in bigger amounts by accomplishing some keywords into affiliated links? CPA are far more likely to product more income for a user. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, meaning you get paid for the actions the end user does. This can mean they purchase something and you get a percentage of that sale or you provided someone an email address and you get paid per email address.

Back to Cleaning my DB:

I went through the database, export all the information in excel and filtered the ones I wanted to remove. I even went through all 200 links and checked to see if they were dead or not. It is amazing how some domains are parked because the owner doe snot want to promote or sell his item no more. Another good reason why domains were park is the product didn't sell to good to keep the domain? But there were dead affiliate links within my post and I apologize for having them in my post.

I was using a lot of ClickBank products and 7$ products within my post. I have had great success with 7$ items and reports, I wish I can say this about Clickbank - only few sales.

Now that I found the dead links I went ahead and republished my DB with the information that I want and active links, refresh the DB and bam all the links are active. Looking at some posts I find there were fewer links, depending on the keywords ofcourse. The post now looks neater and more comfortable. I again stared at my monitor until I found any other issues with the context links.

I would like to thank my readers for providing feedback on my blog and making it a better experience for you and the future readers.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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